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Correct fishermen have taken up arms against poachers

the Third international congress of fishermen which passes these days in Vladivostok, is going to accept the resolution turned to the governments of the fishing countries. In Rosrybolovstve count that this document will allow to struggle more effectively with poachers.

In the project of the document which is discussed now by participants of the congress from two tens the largest fishing countries, fishermen recommend to the governments to supervise effectively activity of harvesting vessels and deliveries of fish. And this position - just the most thin place in negotiations of Russia with neighbouring countries in Asian - Pacific region. In words our partners agree what to buy ulov from poachers it it is bad. And in practice continue to deal flibusterami which regularly plunder an exclusive economic zone of Russia. On the Russian fish seaside small villages in Japan, South Korea and Norway have turned to blossoming cities. And to refuse from such feeds to neighbours it is difficult.

Head Sahalino - Kuril terupravlenija Rosrybolovstva Oleg Bendenko is convinced what to win poachers it is possible, only having deprived of their sale in ports of the states - neighbours. The resolution which fishermen intend to accept, becomes an important trump in hands of representatives of our country at the international negotiations.