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Russian national team on football prepares for game with the Wales

Yesterday the Russian national team has continued preparation for a starting match of a qualifying tournament of the World championship - 2010. At our national team was two trainings.

before the beginning of this gathering the head coach of Russians Guus Hiddink has puzzled the football public with enough unexpected announcement. The Dutch has complained that the national team should use stadiums of clubs of Premieres - leagues and what constantly to use hospitality the Dynamo and Moscow not so beautifully. Hiddink drove to that own base that from anybody not to depend and always is necessary to Russian national team to have a field for trainings. It is curious that till now the question on building of the similar centre of preparation of national teams emerged with an enviable regularity, but the management of the Russian football as a result has decided that there are also more essential problems. Perhaps, now the opinion will change, but while all rests against search of a suitable place. Within MKAD to find something approaching difficultly, and to go for a city hardly already Hiddink will want. Say that the Dutch otmel as a place for preparation the well-known sanatorium the Pine forest at once from - for stoppers . Guus has decided that three hours to reach base is a search. Since then the national team lives in the best hotels of Moscow and therefrom goes on the nearest stadiums.

This time our command was occupied in Mariott the Grandee hotel on Tver, but travels not only on the next stadium the Dynamo . For a week of preparation for a match with the Wales the national team will have time to be trained already at three stadiums to reduce loading by lawns. Yesterday in the morning football players have tested a field Moscow - stadium of a name of Edward Streltsova. And in the evening again were engaged on the Dynamo . Before the game the command will have time to be trained also on the Locomotive . But in travelling to miss to children it is not necessary.

While routine training process has not bored football players. They assiduously carry out of Hiddink`s task as requirements of the head coach are perfectly familiar to them. Only the third goalkeeper Sergey Ryzhikov who for the first time has got to a national team while is confused and feels a little not in the plate. The others feel at home. And the captain of Russian national team Sergey Semak in conversation with the correspondent even porassuzhdal about prospects of our command.

: you begin a selection cycle in the rank of bronze prize-winners of Euro. It does not press psychologically? After all fans for certain wait from modular especially bright game.

Sergey Semak: I Think, no. Because it is already new stage. And achievement which was while carries a temporality. Proceeding from achievements of last years and level of players the obvious favourite is German national team. We will struggle in turn for the permit which will grant the exit right in a final part of the World championship. That`s all.

RG: how much modular the Wales the serious contender for you?

Semak: And now there are no frivolous contenders. Last selection cycle has shown that any command in separately taken match can play adequately with any contender, whether it be England, Germany or Russia.

RG: be not afraid, what now on Russian national team will be adjusted more seriously?

Semak: the Command has shown that can achieve good results. And now experts and fans will wait from us for such football. And we will try to justify these expectations.