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Stepashin suggests the international experts to count up a damage put by the Georgian aggression

details of the national anticorruption plan which the Audit Chamber is ready to offer become soon known. Today it it is planned to consider for department boards, and by September, 15th the document will send in Presidential Administration.

And at once these offers will be published on the Audit Chamber site, the head of department Sergey Stepashin in a lobby of session of council of heads of the supreme bodies of financial control of the CIS has informed yesterday to journalists.

on fight against corruption Stepashin, however, did not begin to open a document Detail. Having limited to only intriguing remark that there a lot of interesting .

In the meantime in the middle of September Stepashin is going to sound one more new offer in the State Duma - to write down in the separate line in the budget all means which will be allocated by our country for the help of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. Earlier, we will remind, there was a speech about the help on restoration of South Ossetia in 10 billion roubles, the sums of possible support of Abkhazia yet were not called. Till now, the head of the Audit Chamber has explained, all money to South Ossetia arrived through the budget of the Ministry of Emergency Measures. By the way, basically in the area of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of South Ossetia allocated the help and in this August. But now the situation has changed - Russia recognised independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, and tranches can be brought in the budget in the line humanitarian or other help during the second or third reading of the budget in the State Duma, Stepashin believes. And Audit Chamber as the body supervising an expenditure of budget money, will check up their use.

And the preliminary arrangement with jugoosetinskimi and the Abkhazian colleagues about it, according to Stepashin, already is.

And that the world community did not have questions what exactly is supported the money by Russia, it is necessary to make the international examination and to count up a damage which has been put by military operations of South Ossetia, Stepashin offers. By the way, questions on that, on what there is the humanitarian help given by the United States of Georgia, already were set, including the European politicians. The estimation of destructions in South Ossetia, was noted by Stepashin, it is necessary to do with attraction of independent experts, to pay their services and to publish its results.

it is Literally today auditors will start performance of the presidential commission to supervise erection of the bridge Vladivostok - island Russian which is under construction to summit ATES in 2012. Working group of Audit Chamber, Stepashin has told, takes off for Vladivostok and will be there to spend the day and the night . To watch building of the bridge auditors plan, according to Stepashin, since Zero procedures .

In September the Audit Chamber expects decision-making on one question - check gold and exchange, or international, Central Bank reserves. Last year, we will remind, Stepashin`s department already checked financially - Central Bank economic activities. But the idea initially was more widely - to estimate as it is put a state stock . For carrying out of such check the decision of National bank board is required specially. And, apparently, Stepashin not without the bases counts on a positive outcome about it. As he said, vitse - the prime minister, the head of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Kudrin and a Central Bank management not against Audit Chamber audit. Besides now, in connection with a situation in the world markets and foreign policy complexities, the question that is called, has ripened. During sharp debate about possible introduction of economic sanctions against Russia, truth, the common sense has prevailed. But it is necessary to be to actions ready to any sort and consequently to think over where and under what we put up our money - the head of Audit Chamber has warned. By the way, in the autumn the Ministry of Finance plans to present the ideas on change of structure of investments of means of Fund of national well-being and the Reserve fund, entering into gold and exchange currency reserves. We will notice that Stepashin stated earlier doubts in expediency of placing of means of these funds exclusively in foreign securities. But yesterday he has preferred not to develop this theme.

the Russian auditors have offered One more project to colleagues across the CIS - to be connected to working out of so-called key indicators of development, that is criteria on which it is possible to estimate a country level of development. The matter is that the used statistical data does not give a full picture, and in many countries the official mute already tries to add with new indicators. For example, in France, Stepashin has told, are going to include in it a happiness indicator . The Russian department is engaged in this work on the instructions of the international organisation of bodies of financial control INTOSAI, to finish it plan in 2010. Stepashin, truth, did not begin to open, as will be to be measured happiness in Russia. But not without pride has underlined that earlier the project was supervised by the American colleagues. But their approach did not suit developing countries, and work was entrusted by Russia.