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The British and Russian shareholders of the multinational corporation - VR have signed the pact about nenapadenii

After almost three-monthly rigid disputes between shareholders of the multinational corporation - VR - British VR and the Russian consortium AAR ( the Alpha - groups Access Industries and Renova ) Owning equal share holdings (50/ 50), had been signed yesterday the original non-aggression pact. It has received the name the Memorandum of mutual understanding . Thus, in the prolonged conflict at last - that the point is put.

we Will remind that in the end of May the Russian and British shareholders of the multinational corporation - BP recognised presence of contradictions which were publicly sounded by the head of the oil company Robert Dadli. In the beginning of June the Russian shareholders have demanded to dismiss Dudley, however the British company BP has refused it. Since then shareholders were in a condition of the sharp conflict, arguing on strategy of development of the company. The Russian shareholders were dissatisfied with multinational corporation indicators - BP and by its actions, considering that Dudley works only in interests of English co-owners, and from the British side charges in attempt of the Russian consortium to receive control over the company sounded.

the Main claim of the Russian side is satisfied. The present head of the multinational corporation - VR Robert Dadli will retire, having finished contract time till the end of this year. The sizes of compensation and whether there are those in the company, have refused to make comments.

Now on a released place the new candidate is looked for. And its powers will be considerably cut down. Under new arrangements the new head of the company should possess experience in oil and gas sphere of Russia and that is important, freely to know Russian.

to Appoint a top - managers it can only at approval of the majority of councillors of directors. In its powers - also the right to define quantity of attached employees VR. But all these actions will be confirmed by new board of directors. Its structure will be changed: into it will enter on four representatives from VR and AAR and three independent directors.

Besides, shareholders have agreed about sale at stock exchanges to 20 percent of shares of the company. For placing the new company which will own all actives of group can be created. Now in the market 5 percent of shares Russian " addresses; the multinational corporation - BP Holding .

the Reached arrangements - a result of very uneasy negotiations in which course we have managed not only to remove questions at issue, but also on - new to look at the company future. The main thing that during the party conflict have not allowed emotions to get the best of common sense - these words of the chairman of board of directors of Open Society the multinational corporation - VR Management Victor Vekselberg are resulted in the company communique.

the Inquiry

the multinational corporation - VR, formed on September, 1st, 2003, is the third in Russia on volumes of oil recovery and enters into ten the largest private oil companies of the world. Except oil and gas actives of companies British Petroleum and consortium AAR the giant also posesses 50 percent of the company Slavneft . Company extraction in 2007 has made more than 78 million tons of oil. Dividends the multinational corporation - BP Holding for I half-year 2008 can make 47,9 billion roubles.