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Yury Chajka has visited the worst a country pre-trial detention centre

the General public prosecutor once again has raised the question about change in the criminal policy and judiciary practice. This time the head of supervising department has declared such necessity after visiting of a pre-trial detention centre number 1 in Noginsk situated near Moscow.

Noginsk sizo can apply not only on a rank of one of the oldest in the country - it has been constructed in 1841, - but also the worst insulator. At least, so Yury Chajka who was personally convinced considers that the arrested citizens contain in this city in the conditions close to the extreme. At the sanitary code in 4 square metres on the person, in Noginsk sizo on everyone sideltsa it is necessary on 2,6 square metres.

- And in some chambers - hardly more than two square metres. And in them there are women, - the Public prosecutor has underlined.

Thus he has declared that today becomes much for reforming of penitentiary system. Every year the state allocates for it the considerable sums. Nevertheless in third of subjects of Federation prisoners sit unless not on heads each other.

And it not the unique infringements revealed during check in Noginsk. Major repairs in sizo did not become since 1985. Therefore it is no wonder that in corridors from walls the bared conducting hanged down, and in some chambers water did not move at all. Thus lodgers of prison cells of difficulty transferred stoically. At least, anybody from them to Yury Chajke did not complain of administration.

fulfilling duties of the chief of an insulator Dmitry Vdovin has explained the reasons of a bad condition of the economy simply.

- For insulator repair it is necessary 3 million roubles, and to us have allocated this year only 200 thousand, - Vdovin has told.

And Yury Chajka there and then has corrected it:

- with Three millions here you will not get off. It only to replace conducting.

However, a problem not only in money. He also has paid attention of insulator administration that in some chambers recidivists sit together with those who has committed a crime for the first time. It is clear that anything good from such neighbourhood will not be.

One of the reasons of overpopulation of prisons consists that courts satisfy more than 90 percent of petitions of inspectors about the conclusion of suspects under guards. When the sanction on arrest was given by the public prosecutor, this indicator did not exceed 70 percent.

Yury Chajka has informed journalists that the State Office of Public Prosecutor has already informed the chairman of the Supreme court of the Russian Federation on necessity of change of such practice.

By the way

As the director of Federal Agency of execution of punishments of Russia Yury Kalinin has declared, in Noginsk the new case sizo, answering to all norms is already constructed, but to it have not spent gas.

- We completely agree with critical remarks of Public prosecutor Yury Chajki in connection with maintenance conditions in sizo N 1 in Noginsk and we hope that after its intervention the organisation Mezhregiongaz will accelerate gas pipeline connection to a new building sizo, constructed completely still eight months ago, - Yury Kalinin has told.