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Edward Radzinsky has revived the Soviet Atlantis

Behind diversity of exhibition actions - round tables conferences, deliveries of awards and etc. - we will not forget that protagonists of fair are book novelties and their modern writers. About them today conversation also will go.

the Known writer Victor Yerofeev recently positioning (anyway in a telecast the Apocryphal story ) As the person deeply tolerant and anxious by morals problems, nevertheless has presented the book with characteristic for habitual Yerofeev the provocative name Light of a devil .

: About what your new book?

Victor Yerofeev : that is true that is incorrect. And for everyone this measure. The book about search of meaning of the life. And the essence in the name is put: Light of a devil . And me very much pleases that it is a success in shops, for me the main thing is our Russian reader. Though for its writing I had to travel the half-world. That else I want to tell: it is the book for any age, it is read easily, and the first my readers even say that have swallowed it for two - three days.

the Writer, the historian and a telestar Edward Radzinsky has pleased at once with two books.

: for That do you wait from fair? What have prepared for the admirers?

Edward Radzinsky : to Wait? No, I wait for nothing. Fair for me is an acquisition of new books. And about the books I can tell: their two. The first is called About itself though it not about me, and about theatre. About surprising variety Soviet theatre which existed despite censorship and has proved that nothing can destroy art.

the Second - My close friend Joseph Stalin is a novel. The novel made on the basis of set of memoirs. In them Stalin - live. I want, that before eyes of readers the country which became Atlantis and which was called as the USSR again has emerged.

to list the latest books of the Petersburg prose writer and publicist Michael Veller, the whole page of the text with a close font is required. Energy and working capacity of this writer amaze. For it it is loved also by numerous admirers.

: your impression of fair?

Michael Veller : I see at this fair that my work is necessary and has any sense. Readers have come on a meeting with me. My new book are ten lectures on the literature, read in different years and at different universities of the world. But these lectures not the formal. I said it is not accepted what to speak. It that like would never be told at lectures. It is written by normal human language, such on which people speak in usual life, instead of publish the academic collected works. And if I believed that the circulation small it has appeared suffices that it is not enough. And it means that my literature is necessary to people.

the Well-known director Mark Rozovsky has arrived on fair with the book under the name Features .

: How to you the idea of creation of the book has come?

Mark Rozovsky : It has turned out casually. The book such foolish. This meeting blagoglupostej and aphorisms. The ironic book where records from my notebook, made throughout several tens years are collected. Probably, it will be pleasant to the reader, there much everyones solenostej and are a policy and friendship theme, both freedom, and the person. The most different themes - statements. On the one hand, it is possible not to give them value, and with another - when they are gathered everything, there is a certain integral impression. If the reader reads it from cover to cover - it will take pleasure. I can not tell that it is satire, but, anyway, the irony there has enough. I am grateful to publishing house Ripol the classic for this book and for another, children`s, Fairy tales of new time . Its presentation at this fair will soon take place also.

Boris Akunin, as always, ahead of a planet of all. In the new book project under the name the Quest it has connected the novel and a computer game. The virtual world and became earlier an action field of literary heroes, it is enough to remember pelevinskogo the Prince of the State Planning Committee . Akunin asserts that had simply a good time . It is pleasant not only to invent to it adventurous stories, but also to play computer games. The novel represents a quest, that is that type of game where the player should execute certain mission, passing to more difficult levels. In any quest respecting there should be a latent level. In this case it is the novel hidden inside the core the novel. If to read this latent novel, book events get other sense.

the Electronic form of this project is called an unibeech - the universal book - the text which includes components, basically not representable on a paper: the hypertext, intertekst, various accompanying materials which it is possible to look, listen in which it is possible to play. Successfully having answered the brought attention to the question, the reader has free of charge an opportunity to take pleasure in novel continuation. Also the paper book is non-standard looks the novel - a quest, with another - codes to it, on the one hand, is printed.

: the Literary work - an author`s idea. The author solves, what will be the beginning as action will develop and than all it will end. Game assumes variability, the result is not clear, it depends on diligence and good luck of players. Whether different endings and leaders to them subject lines are assumed?

Boris Akunin : Here, of course, the present variability will not be. The unibeech is a certain form of existence of the book which as it seems to me, will soon affirm. In this format there will be also many things published earlier in a paper kind - with additional sendings, inquiries, check how much the reader has acquired a material.

the prestige Award

On MMKVJA the best books of year

Winners of the award " have been named; the Book of year

the Main award the Book of year - Yury Rost. A group portrait against a century. - M: nuclear heating plant, 2007.

Prose of year - Vladimir Sharov. Be as children: the Novel. - M: Vagrius, 2008.

Poetry of year - All Evtushenko. - M: a word/ Slovo, 2008.

Together with the book we grow - Junna Moritz. Tumber - Bumber. - M: Father Karlo, 2007.

Humanitas - Lyudmila Saraskina. Alexander Solzhenitsyn. - M: young guards, 2008.

Russia business - Michael Berger. Chubays`s cross. - M: the Humming-bird, 2008.

art - the book - Feodor Shalyapin. Fairy tales. - M: MF Generation 2008.

Rushnik vyshivanyj - time Laughed at people, is obstinate people a temple cocked... : the collection of materials on stories Ukrainian - rus skogo sorts XVI - the XX-th centuries. - M: Drevnehranilishche, 2008.

the XXI-st century Textbook - Alexey Kireev. Uchebno - the methodical complete set Economy. 10 - 11 class . - M: Vita - a press, 2008.

It is printed in Russia - the Modern school encyclopaedia. - M: Rosmen - the Press, 2007.