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Alexey Herman`s film is awarded two awards of the Venetian film festival

Alexey Herman`s Film - younger the Paper soldier has received on 65 - m the Venetian film festival two awards - the Silver lion for the best direction and Ozella for the best camerawork.

that the picture has received the whole two awards, and one of them - the second for the importance, this huge achievement. I want to tell many thanks to the director of festival Marko Muller and all Venetian festival that have invited us - the director has told.

Earlier it has been declared that awards Ozella operators of a picture, Maxim Drozdov and Alisher Hamihodzhaev are awarded.

the Paper soldier - A film about six weeks from life of doctor Daniel Pokrovsky which in 1961 on Baikonur prepares group of the first cosmonauts for an exit in space, being broken off for fear for these people and with pity to two women - the wife and the mistress.

the Scenario was written by Alexey Herman, and leading roles have executed Merab Ninidze, Chulpan Hamatova and Anastas Shevelev.// RIA Novosti news agency