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Yury Poljakov and Vladimir Ryzhkov answer a question: whether we Will manage without Europe?


Yury Poljakov, the writer:

- On the human and economic resources, on bowels and natural riches we belong to those countries which, certainly, are self-sufficient. And in our history there were periods when we managed the possibilities. However, it does not mean that all turned out very well. However I want to remind, what exactly powerful enough jerks in economic and social development during those epoch when Russia started to live the own way, and occurred. We take Alexander III who rather was sceptical about our mutual relations with Europe and said that at Russia only two allies - army and fleet. Nevertheless during its reign capitalism has started to develop roughly. We will not forget and that in the XX-th century Russia has made the technological jerk already being for the Iron Curtain . Whether

forces Will suffice at us to feed only with own juice the art, culture and not to turn thus to a remote place? Understand, even during the period slaborazvityh communication media the cultural exchange did not fade. Sholokhov, Shostakovich, Pasternak - who will tell, what it was art of the second grade? Full cultural isolation is impossible. Probably only some easing of contacts. But business - that that last twenty years the relation to us from the West differed colonial neglect, dump in our cultural space of any marginal and deadlock trends which at itself do not develop any more. Therefore it is quite possible that a certain hermetic sealing of cultural space and is necessary. As well as restriction of import of substandard western products. Speaking metaphorically, Bush`s legs cut away by antibiotics, have enough done much harm to people health: it would be desirable some domestic good-quality chicken meat. Bush`s legs is a synonym of all system of the western import.

that we at a certain political conjuncture in the world remain without the European brands in art and the more so in the big literature, is a bosh. How we can do without Dickens with Stendalem if they are already processed, included and impregnated by our literature? This same what to tell: Ah so, we now separately so return to all of us that you borrowed Tolstoy and Dostoevsky. And how you represent yourselves this process of delimitation?

As to political self-sufficiency it is absolutely not a pity to me if we will not have a possibility to copy that system which to us impose. The western democracy as a certain standard, type of platinum metre or kg which are stored on Capitol Hill in the USA, does not suit me. Universal democracy does not exist, it only the term as which were called also the American democracy of times plantatorskogo slavery, and the device of Ancient Greek policies. It only svobodoobraznyj a compulsion kind and is even more exact - this or that degree of compulsion which these or those people in those or other conditions for itself suppose. Russia after enormous crisis 1990 - h, after a situation of a demographic hole is necessary other forms of government. It does not mean that we should have a dictatorship, but that that degree of freedom which will not destroy the country and the state is necessary to us, and to strengthen them, it is obvious. And this degree to ourselves to define!

I only want, that we had national sorientirovannaja a democracy. I hope that it will not prevent to travel all over the world freely and freely to exchange with Europe ideas, books, talents.


Vladimir Ryzhkov, the politician:

- We cannot do without Europe. In - the first, economically. Underlining dependence of the European countries on the Russian gas, we should not forget that it mutual. And we in the same way depend on the European market of consumption. And if Europe is adjusted on searches of the alternative markets and sources of power resources (interest to the Algerian deposits, deliveries ballonnogo gas, the energy developed by means of harmless energy sources), the share of our presence in the European market will be reduced. 40 percent of our export are directed to Europe. And if it is reduced, it will turn back for us an economic loss. As 80 percent of incomes in the budget on - former are given by export of energy carriers.

We need to modernise the country, to import the new equipment, to enter new technologies into building. Without to operation with Europe possessing modern technologies, to us not to manage. Not casually after all China, updating the economy, buys all process equipment in the EU countries and Japan. That Russia became the successful country, inflow of the investments, new technologies and knowledge from Europe is necessary for it.

And a science - our joint researches in space, in the physicist? One country cannot effectively develop a science, cooperation, and first of all with Europe, it - the world of a high science is necessary. And from the point of view of safety how to do without EU in settlement of crises though in Iraq, though in Iran, though on the Balkans, though in questions of non-distribution of the nuclear weapon?!

Europe is today the carrier cultural and tsivilizatsionnyh samples, it keeps the moral authority. Europe has taken of much more balanced position in the same Georgian crisis. We should be guided by it because Americans, unfortunately, have substantially lost the attractive image.

In Europe the best in the world system of social support of the person, it is exemplary questions of employment, struggle against social stratification, availability of formation and public health services are solved. And from the point of view of human rights it, certainly, is the sample and a reference point. And from the point of view of development of high culture. Europe all time keeps the soft force remaining attractive. Not casually there is a turn from the countries which want to become members of EU. Turkey 50 years in this turn. Even Serbia, despite all disagreements, wants to be in EU. Therefore, breaking off with Europe, making a start from it, entering confrontation, we lose much more, than we get. Neither from the point of view of practical economy, nor from the point of view of strategy of development to us without Europe not to manage. Putin has told some years ago that we the largest European country, well so it is necessary to keep it.

And those who says that Russia is Other Europe on - to mine, want to keep the corruption incomes, do not want to be accountable before citizens. They have got used to increase a fat in the muddy environment, and it are favourable the European opacity and nepodotchetnost. But the transparency, the accountability, fight against corruption - in practice, instead of in words, the political competition, the open information are just necessary to citizens of Russia. And this all signs of Europe. Whether

loan of samples in a position of opposition, a distance is possible? No because it is a question of system. Europe - same not simply beautiful picture with cathedrals, same system of laws, rules, standards. Matter is not in a picture, and in the maintenance.

Have prepared Elena Novoselova and Elena Jakovleva