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Today XXI Moscow international book exhibition comes to the end - fair

in territory of the All-Russia exhibition centre passed Six days in Moscow the book fair largest in the Eastern Europe. On the area of 33 500 sq. metres of 2500 organisations - participants from 82 countries have presented more than 180 000 new names of books. It is a doubtless record for all time of existence MMKVJA.

Ukraine was the Guest of honour of fair this year. The exposition of the guest of honour for the first time in history fairs occupied the whole pavilion (58 which was under construction seventy years ago on VDNH as national pavilion Ukraine ) . On September, 4th has passed Day of Ukraine on MMKVJA. Sign events of a steel round tables : About prospects of development of book publishing and reading problems in territories of the countries of a Post-Soviet society Reading as the objective factor of development of the book market Ukraine - Russia - Belarus: cooperation sides the Ukrainian literature in Russian the Russian Ukrainian literature? anthology presentation Ukraine. Russian poetry. The XX-th century . The Great interest has caused a round table with the unexpected name Ukraine and Russia: whether we know each other? on materials of special release of magazine the Banner .

Participants a round table - The Ukrainian writers Ivan Drach, Andrey Kurkov, Maria Matios and their Russian colleagues Dmitry Bak, Maxim Amelin, Ergali Ger, Maria Galina and others - said that the problem of rapprochement of two literatures rests against objective difficulties: otsut stvie the help to translators, shops of the Ukrainian book in Moscow and etc. According to pro-rector RGGU Dmitry Baka, subjective obstacles are not present: the Ukrainian literature is popular and even fashionable among the Russian writers of young generation. The poet and translator Maxim Amelin admitted that since a youth is fond ukrain skoj of poetry, has collected the whole library in this area. The expert of the award the Big book Maria Galina has told about festival Russian - the Ukrainian poetry Kiev skie laurels which collects a large quantity of poets. In the end a round table the message that recently created fund " has sounded; Russian world Has founded grants for translators of the Ukrainian literature on Russian.

Before the beginning a round table we have asked a question to the editor-in-chief of magazine the Banner to Sergey Chuprininu.

: Why the Banner has acted as the initiator of a meeting?

Sergey Chuprinin : We consider that Ukraine, being unitary on a political system, is the state federal on the device language and cultural. There there is a Russian literature, and it - ours. Therefore a body of materials which have entered in our special an Ukrainian number, are connected with the Russian writers living in Ukraine.

However when we began to work over number, was found out that at us vaguely enough represent that occurs in literary space of Ukraine - and in Russian-speaking, and especially in ukrainskogovorjashchem. For this purpose we also have conceived Round table - to put mirrors opposite to our Ukrainian colleagues and.

About Russian - the Ukrainian contacts we spoke at fair with the modern classic of the Ukrainian poetry Ivan Drachom.

RG : Ivan Fedorovich, the Minister of Communications and mass communications of the Russian Federation Igor Schegolev, opening fair, has declared that it is difficult to find border in the cultural plan, where Russia comes to an end and Ukraine and on the contrary " begins;. You with it agree?

Ivan Drach : In culture - certainly.

RG : Even today?

Drach: I judge on myself. Igor Schegolev`s performance has warmed me because he spoke not as the state boss, and the beginnings from the main event in the literature - leaving from Alexander Solzhenitsyna`s life. I read Solzhenitsyna in Soviet period, as well as everything, from - under floors. the calf with an oak " Butted; I read in Moscow, and the text to me was given by my Moscow friends. It was enormous impression: as the smog one person rises against a huge state large object! And when I was engaged in political activity, heading Ruh I constantly thought of this book. It does not mean that I in all with it agree. When in the book How to us to equip Russia? Solzhenitsyn undertook to equip also Ukraine, I have collected the Ukrainian dissidents sitting for 27 years, as Levko Lukyanenko, and we in the newspaper Work Solzhenitsynu have answered. Solzhenitsyn there was a passionate person. Its latest book Two hundred years together it was not pleasant neither Russian, nor Jews. But all of us, both in Russia, and in Ukraine, we understand that it was the mighty person, and everything that it did, was serious. Thank God that it was. And personally to me it is pleasant that his mother was the Ukrainian.

next year there will be 200 years to Gogol. How we can divide it? We only can embrace him together.