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Tadeush Sobolevsky: space Conquest became religion and runaway from a reality

the Russian film waited. When from the screen the Georgian song has poured down, it was possible to think that the Paper soldier Alexey Herman - younger specially selected by today. But this coincidence. Georgia, Kazakhstan where in vicinities of Baikonur partially there is a film action, it is simple integral parts old families of the people . This it is artificial stylised, ironic, removed with a distance, the fine film allows to understand much about a Post-Soviet imperial complex. But first of all it provides guidance on outlook of the Soviet intellectual 60 - h years.

It there was the most optimistical period in the USSR, time of hopes for clearing after Stalin`s death, Khruschev`s time and Solzhenitsyna, the first flights in space. Year 1961 - j. The paper soldier whom Okudzhavy in a song rushes to fire, in this film - the first Soviet cosmonaut who has burnt down. Young, 32 - the summer director tries to comprehend mentality of coevals of the father, the outstanding director with the same name and a surname. A key to a film is Chekhov - its aesthetics. If the author Uncles Vani veins at the time of Khruschev, he could write the similar tragicomic scenario about the Soviet intellectuals. The doctor of cosmonauts, half the Georgian reminding uncle Vanju (it Merab Ninidze plays), is a figure nice, but causing pity. On the one hand, he trusts in idea for the sake of which it is possible to bring any victim, but simultaneously he is tormented by a remorse - after all he understands that prepares the wards for certain death. In private life it is broken off between two women loving it - the wife and the Kazakh beloved from the cosmodrome. All film speaks about self-deception, about fatal discrepancy between unfortunate life and high idea, about impossibility to adapt to a surrounding reality, about dream to depart to stars and spotykanii about own laces. True Chekhov.

In this research of consciousness of the Soviet intellectual amazes that people are not afraid to call among themselves into question a system inner sanctum. Lenin it was right - the husband speaks. Lenin was the blood-sucker and the German spy - without reflecting, the wife answers.

They knew everything, but they did not have an exit. Space conquest became their religion and runaway from a reality. The director from generation of the thirty-year looks at them with irony and sympathy.

Tadeush Sobolevsky
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