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Dmitry Kozak has suggested to change the Investment fund operating procedure

to Raise overall performance of Investment fund at the expense of revision organizational - legal bases of activity of fund, the mechanism of selection of projects and their financing the minister of regional development Dmitry Kozak has offered during the Yakut economic forum.

the question on an order formation of necessary volumes of means of Investment fund is essentially important. It has explained that under already accepted decisions on financing of projects the requirement of Investment fund makes 3 bln. roubles. For 2009 allocation from the federal budget to investment fund 252 mlrd roubles, for 2010 - 100 mlrd roubles is planned. The volume of means for 2011 is not defined yet.

For today there is an arrangement with the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation about annual transfer of 100 billion roubles. However already taking into account realisation of six large megaprojects by 2011 deficiency of means of Investment fund will make 250 mlrd roubles - Dmitry Kozak has declared.

Besides, for increase of a transparency and decrease in administrative barriers principle introduction " is planned; one window and the uniform investment adviser as whom will act Foreign trade and investment bank . It will allow to simplify procedure of passage of examination and any coordination.

We will insist on that in standard base was accurately and is clearly formulated that any project irrespective of, whether it is ready design - the budget documentation if it is approved - it is the accepted obligation of the Russian Federation it is obligations should extend not only on a stage design - the budget documentation, but also on a stage actually project realisations - Dmitry Kozak has told.

the Investment fund finances 15 large-scale projects for the sum of 82 billion roubles, the decision on support of the projects realised on a basis as a whole is accepted is state - private partnership, for the sum more than 3 trillion roubles a part from which will make Investment fund means.

6 projects on working out design - the budget documentation are Thus supported, their total cost makes 1,3 trillion roubles, for these purposes is planned to allocate 400 billion roubles. Into their number enter Complex development of Southern Yakutia Ural Mountains - industrial Ural Mountains - polar building of a highway Moscow - St.-Petersburg and others. Besides, within the limits of fund activity granting of grants for realisation of regional investment projects is provided, this year 23 demands from subjects with total amount in 145 billion roubles " have arrived; - head Minregiona has informed.