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Nicolas Sarkozy intends to begin negotiations about conflict settlement on caucasus with a blank leaf

On Monday the president of France Nicolas Sarkozy will arrive to Moscow to understand . The document which has received the name " became a result of its previous visit to the Russian capital; Medvedev`s Plan - Sarkozy . This agreement consisting of six points, represented the program of settlement of a situation in a zone Georgian - jugoosetinskogo the conflict.

Since then has passed more than two weeks. In this time the Minister for Foreign Affairs of France Bernard Kushner some times accused our country of default of the obligations. And only on Sunday the world has suddenly learnt the improbable: it has appeared that the document signed by presidents of Russia and France, contained discrepancy in transfer which has completely deformed its essence. About existence actually two Medvedev`s Plans - Sarkozy With the different text the head of foreign policy department of Russia Sergey Lavrov earlier repeatedly spoke. As he said, it was a question of forgery which was made by the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili.

In particular, in the paragraph where it was told about safety, it has been told that it is necessary for Abkhazia and South Ossetia . But the Georgian leader has corrected the text to own advantage. Also it has turned out what to provide safety it is necessary not for Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and in Abkhazia and South Ossetia . Such amendment has essentially changed the document maintenance.

But now if to trust Kushner, it was found out that the inexact transfer made in Moscow became the reason for all. On a press - conferences following the results of meeting of heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the states of the European Union in Avignon, have asked to the French minister a question: why Russia and the West on - to a miscellaneous understand legality of existence buffer zones at border with South Ossetia and Abkhazia?

Kushner`s Answer has resulted in shock of worldly-wise journalists. The French diplomat has referred to translation quality. He has explained that Medvedev`s Plan - Sarkozy has been written in French, and then it is translated into English and Russian languages. And so in the Russian version it was told about safety for South Ossetia and Abkhazia while in French and English variants - about safety in these republics. The Russian military men create buffer zones on the basis of the Russian version of the plan while Europe is guided on ex - and English-speaking interpretation.

in diplomatic practice still it was possible to believe In this improbable explanation if not to know background of this question. Right after signings Medvedev`s Plan - Sarkozy the document has been brought on the coordination to Tbilisi. Then it was informed what the head of Georgia has made to the plan of change which were not discussed earlier between Moscow and Paris. These amendments first of all mentioned a question on the future international status of Suhuma and Tshinvala. And also excluded any hints on possible independence of these former Georgian republics.

But if to recognise that Medvedev`s Plan - Sarkozy really has been poor translated into Russian the basic questions in that case arise not so much to the Russian side, how many to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Where there were translators of this department and why they have not caught so a gross blunder before papers have got for the signature to presidents? Besides it is difficult to believe that the Russian foreign policy department, which, in turn, has known inside out on such transfers, has passed so serious discrepancy in the agreement defining principles of the end of war in South Ossetia.

After such recognitions which were made by Kushner, any European minister respecting would submit to resignation, after all the French minister has very largely brought the president who should understand now again Moscow, it is necessary to consider what variant of the agreement correct. But Kushner has not thought at all to apologise before the head of the state. And it means that all difficulties of transfer on which the diplomat, no more than attempt to justify in the opinion of the European partners referred. While authentic Medvedev`s Plan - Sarkozy signed in Moscow which, according to the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs, our country is ready to execute completely, essentially differs from the plan accepted by the president of Georgia.

it is possible, then in the conditions of the conflict on these French diplomats seeming by small distinction have not paid attention - it was important to stop war. But now, when operations have stopped, all these nestykovki and discrepancies were showed to the full. Also that with them to do, in Paris do not know. Russia is ready to report for the version of the agreement on conflict settlement. However it does not arrange neither Tbilisi, nor Washington. Here also has appeared the switchman - a certain anonymous translator to whom Kushner referred. This again opened circumstance will allow the French president to carry on ostensibly negotiations in Moscow for conflict settlement actually with a blank leaf .

It seems that in Europe many politicians start to realise, as they namuchajutsja with Georgia if that from giving of Americans nevertheless gets to the NATO and that is even worse - in the European Union. It is difficult to deal with the state, whose officials actually get wages from the budget of the USA. Whether it is necessary to be surprised that furious appeals of the vice-president of the USA Dick Cheney during its visit to Italy - to accelerate reception of Georgia in an alliance - have not found understanding at its partners in negotiations. As the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Italy Ex Frattini thereupon has declared, process of expansion of the block at the expense of Georgia and Ukraine will not be neither it is accelerated, nor it is braked .

it is Literally in two days after the termination dipotnosheny with Moscow in Tbilisi suddenly declared that come back to practice of issue of visas to Russians directly at the airport. it is any silly approach. At first they need to show to the whole world what they abrupt, tear dipotnoshenija. And then, suddenly having understood consequences of the steps for almost one million the Georgian, living in Russia, want to push us to that like and relations at us are torn, but all will be as usual - the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs was surprised. but so does not happen. Has died, so has died - has added Laurels.

These and other actions of Tbilisi are amazing for many European politicians who are compelled to disentangle porridge which was made by Saakashvili. And to give, like the French Minister for Foreign Affairs, absurd explanations under agreements to which it has put the hand... Other question: whether such inadequate stepson for the sake of preservation of good relations with rich " is necessary to Europe; the uncle Sam ?

by the way

  has asked one of the recognised Russian translators working with the first persons of the state, to explain, how could arise difficulties about which the French Minister for Foreign Affairs Bernard Kushner spoke:

- For me such difference in interpretation of the text of the agreement about which Kushner spoke, is not clear, - the known linguist, wished to remain incognito has told. - it is represented problematic enough that the document only in one - the French version subscribed. And Russian and English variants went trace. As it was a question about ex - Russian dialogue and furthermore when there was an English text, after all it was a question of the multilateral agreement taking into account interests of incorporated Europe the text should be co-ordinated on all three languages. Therefore this error in transfer if it really took place, is represented enough strange.