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In the capital underground has opened 177 - I station

the Capital underground have come to inhabitants of area Fili - Davydkovo. Directly in the neighbourhood with it the station " has opened; Slavic parkway . Located on Arbatsko - the Pokrovsk line between Victory Park and Kuntsevsky it became 177 - j under the account in the Moscow underground.

Opened Slavic parkway at the highest level - the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov. There was it right after the terminations of solemn ceremony on the occasion of the City Day on the Tver area. the station is constructed for record 17 months instead of usual 26 months - head of a capital underground Dmitry Gaev has reported on the president. built quickly, but it is qualitative - Dmitry Medvedev has noticed in reply to it. In its opinion, People will be happy, as at station it is a lot of air and consequently is well breathed .

And really, such ceiling - height ten metres, yet was not at one station of the Moscow underground - usually it happens six-metre. Outwardly one-vaulted station small zalozhenija with a hall without columns, Slavic parkway on a design reminds stations Altufevo Timirjazevsky and Kozhuhovsky . But on registration it you will not mix with any another in Moscow. On the platform centre three bilaterial benches with decorative lanterns - floor lamps that creates illusion of underground parkway here are established. On top travelling walls there are shod lattices with a vegetative ornament. I created a landscape underground - artist Ivan Lubennikov who was making out " will tell about it to journalists; Slavic parkway .

The new station is not an exact copy of the Parisian underground, - expecting comparisons, Lubennikov has explained to journalists, - and is faster a metaphor . Also has told what to issue station in style art - nuvo, reminding an underground of the French capital, it was asked by Dmitry Gaev. I at first was frightened, and have then made. Has made with pleasure - the artist admitted.

Except art advantages, at Slavic parkway there are also purely practical advantages before earlier constructed stations. In - the first, both lobbies of station are equipped by lifts for malomobilnyh citizens that in Moscow yet was not. In - the second, from vestibjulej the pedestrian crossings one of which allows passengers to come over to other party of the railway to Gerasim Kurina`s street conduct. Ladder farms cover svetoprozrachnye the pavilions equipped with systems of infra-red heating of steps. So skolzko in these transitions should not be in the winter.

According to Dmitry Gaeva if Moscow manages to keep at least present rates of building of the underground it soon leaves on a construction of 70 kilometres for a decade. And if the government of the Russian Federation supports the program of development of the underground offered by capital the city leaves and on all of 100 kilometres for ten years that corresponds to universal tendencies in world capitals.