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Almost 3,5 million person Muscovites participated in City Day celebrating in capital

In a past week-end could imagine visually as Moscow without traffic jams can look. For this purpose was to leave in the centre enough and to go on foot, for example, on Tver to the Kremlin. All main street of capital together with all areas adjoining to it has been given under celebrating of the City Day which lasted by tradition during all days off.

the Moscow traditions

Solemn ceremony of opening of celebrations on the occasion of 861 - j anniversaries of Moscow, as well as all last years, passed on the Tver area, at bottom of a monument to Yury Dolgorukomu. Date far not round, but, as well as last year to congratulate Muscovites there has arrived the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. Behind shoulders at Moscow almost nine centuries of nice history, - he has told, - but, keeping this past, Moscow keeps up to date and even advances it. How Moscow develops last years, it is visible that as the corner-stone here put well-being of citizens, stake on business and creative energy of the person .

it is especially valuable, according to Dmitry Medvedev, that the capital is an example the valid, worthy relation to the senior generation, to those who on the approaches to Moscow protected it in the Great Patriotic War who restored its labour life and who remains to this day for us an example of moral force .

Having appreciated dynamics of economic growth of capital, the president has drawn a conclusion: It is no wonder that in capital, to our pleasure, birth rate has started to grow: Last year in the Moscow year of the child was born more than 100 thousand small Muscovites, and already in first half of it is two and a half thousand more than for the same period of last year . Also has concluded: In dynamism and open character of Moscow - its main force not only for old residents, but also for those who has arrived recently to live to Moscow who considers as its native home who loves and appreciates Moscow .

However, according to mayor Yury Luzhkov, the main thing at Moscow and Muscovites - still ahead. He has promised: Muscovites will earn more, it is better to eat and have a rest . And that someone inadvertently has not carried its word to the uncertain future, has specified that already during the current year the pension of the Muscovite will reach ones and a half, and in 2009 - m - two living wages. The average salary in a city has already reached 34 thousand roubles, and by 2012 will grow to 45 thousand roubles. The major problem of the government of Moscow - to achieve, that incomes of Muscovites became comparable to incomes of inhabitants of the largest European capitals - the mayor has declared.

the City Day this year Moscow celebrates Family values in a Year of a family. Therefore it is no wonder that the majority of 5 thousand past for two days of actions have been addressed a family.

In the Arena of 400 steams have gathered on Friday. All of them or have undersigned in day of three eights, or on August, 8th have put in the statement in the REGISTRY OFFICE. And here the first good luck: unexpectedly for them them have invited to the real ball - the First family ball in Moscow. Hardly having entered into a smart hall, newly married were caught in the rain from petals of roses. Slightly lost, Dmitry and Lyudmila Sahnovich have told to correspondents: it is pleasant that such attention render to young families. We hope that so now will be every year . The first deputy Yury Rosljak has promised the mayor it that so it and will be, especially if they help a native city with a demography.

the Holiday on a Lubyanskaya Square and was called My Moscow - my family . I have arrived together with the younger son, - Elena Egorov has told. - know, the radical Muscovite, and here in the centre I get out only on holidays .

For children and truth of entertainments was weight. To jump on an inflatable trampoline, to saddle a furious bull to try force with the contender....

and in general there was an impression that on Lubjanke shoot film about life 60 - h. Here the photographer clicks a happy married couple behind a cup of tea from a samovar. Here two muzhichkov with passion are cut in dominoes. And here young men slowly rearrange chessmen.

the Record behind a record

On Vasilevsky descent started in the meantime parade of students. About hundred thousand persons were built in a rank and under banners of native high schools have gone aside TSPKiO it. Bitter. As a rule, first-year students who thus get acquainted with each other participate in this parade. But parade by parade, and youth very much would be desirable to get if not in world, then to the Russian Guinness Book of Records. Possibilities for this purpose too it has appeared much. Within all Sunday it was possible to leave on the improvised scene established on the Theatre square, and to brag of any talent.

Presence of already recognised owners of unique records from the USA, Belarus, Muscovites did not confuse Ukraine. to us too not poorly! - they spoke.

national masters and folklore collectives have gathered For a grief Poklonnoj almost from 40 regions of Russia. The products - painted caskets, clay penny whistles, souvenirs, pots, small baskets from beresty they created directly on a place. And there and then sold. And for reasonable prices. for the sake of this holiday I have not gone to France because I consider that there I will always be in time, and it would be desirable to please the fellow countrymen now - Zynaida Proskurin from Ryazan admitted.

the Body has begun to sound!

it is equal one year ago, too to the City Day, the longest long-term construction in Russia - manor Tsarina`s has been completed. Cutting a red ribbon, the city authorities then have promised that in covered atriumom the Grain house will open organnyj a hall. And here past Saturday the body here has really begun to sound. Even small children have become silent, enjoying game of the winner of the international competitions of Vikentija Majkapara, the honoured artist of Russia Alexander Majkapara and ensemble of wind instruments Modus Vivendi ...

experts of German firm did body specially for this hall, taking into account features of its acoustics. The tool in weight almost 2200 kgs really the imperial: consists of 734 pipes, from which 148 wooden and 586 metal, at it two manual keyboards and the pedal keyboard with 30 keys.

the Holiday without borders

And in general to appear in holiday atmosphere, it was unessential where - that to go. For example, on 700 thousand inhabitants of Southern administrative district it has been organised more than 400 actions. A platform before a cinema the Orbit where passed festival Dance with us! Dance, as we! Dance better us! occupied mums with kiddies. it is good that it passes near to the house, - Natalia Karpova has explained to correspondents. - To go with two-year the kid where - that is heavy .

On jugo - the east in six main streets of district to kiddies free of charge distributed ice-cream, in Ljublino for all comers spent the master - a class on rock-climbing, in Kuzminkah congratulated parents at whom this year twins were born...

the Inquiry

Annually in the first days off of September Moscow celebrates the City Day. From history it is known that the first anniversary the capital has celebrated on January, 1st, 1847. It was it 700 - letie. Metropolitan Moscow Philaret then in Chudovo a monastery in the Kremlin has announced a prayer in glory of Moscow, upon termination of service Ivan Velikogo`s bells called. In the evening all centre of Moscow has been illuminated. Fires decorated the Kremlin from Red Square, a monument of Mininu and Pozharsky, the house the general - the governor on the Tver, Moscow university, the New maiden monastery. As illumination grease flat dishes, which quickly gasli on a winter wind and consequently not all inscriptions executed from fires, it was possible to read in those days served.

The next anniversary Moscow has celebrated only in hundred years. Celebrations concerning 800 - letija capitals have taken place on September, 7th, 1947. The city was decorated by flags and portraits of leaders. Salute was a holiday epilogue.

But that holiday did not become tradition. And only in 1997 when it was marked 850 - j capital birthday, this tradition has been revived.

Figures and the facts

About 3,5 million Muscovites have taken part in the City Day. On different platforms has passed more than 5 thousand celebratory actions, from them 600 had city character. Within the limits of this holiday has passed the First Moscow festival of light in a garden the Aquarium at Theatre of the Moscow Council and musical fireworks on Vasilevsky descent.