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The Russian swimmer on Paralimpiade have compared to Michael Felpsom

On the same place at the same o`clock. Beijing, stadium the Bird`s nest 20. 00 local time, opening ceremony of the main start chetyrehletija. Unique difference from that action that passed here on eighth of August, is a prefix pair . And no more that.

Chineses have surprised again. For paralimpijtsev they suited not less colourful celebration and promise to present one more big holiday to world sports. Those who has visited on come to the end recently Peking Olympic Games, were already convinced that the word at these people does not disperse from business.

But we will return to opening ceremony, after all she deserves it. The Russian athletes have appeared on parade of national teams at number 97. The standard-bearer we had a world champion and Europe in shot put Alexey Ashapatov. But before the athlete has stepped into a path the Bird`s nest It, as well as all command, have adhered in podtribunnom a premise. Akkurat before an exit of Russians on arena a certain woman with not clear intentions to prevent parade has run out. Hitch has appeared short: the Chinese woman have quickly caught.

Then all one after another: solemn speeches, scale representations, salute and, by itself, ignition of Olympic fire. All is colourful and touching. Ceremony, as well as is necessary, it has turned out enough long, however already next day on XXIX Paralimpijsky games the first complete sets of awards have been played.

Russian gold this time to us long it was not necessary to wait. Yesterday on tournament on bullet shooting from a pistol from a distance of 10 metres the victory was celebrated with Valery Ponomarenko. Thus the Russian has won qualification with a world record (578 points), and then has established a world record in the ending - 672,4 points.

- To tell the truth, I also did not count on similar success, - admitted interview to news agencies Ponomarenko. - Moreover, of hit in the ending also did not dream. When could pass a sieve qualifications, has thought that if I will be the third it will be excellent result. But the basic competitors from China and Korea have unexpectedly shot worse than ever. Even I do not know that with them happens. On the other hand, could establish a world record, means, and has won by right.

the Silver medal, has by the way, got to one more Russian marksman. vitse - Sergey Malyshev became the champion of Paralimpijsky games.

On it our achievements in the first day of Games far have not ended. In competitions of swimmers paralimpijskim Dmitry Kokarev became the champion. The Russian has won a gold medal on 200 - metrovke freestyle, having established in passing and a world record on this distance.

- you know, it is my first Paralimpiada, the first distance and, accordingly, the first gold medal, - the Russian exclaimed after ceremony of rewarding. - me here already had time to christen Michael Felpsom, but to the eminent American while it is far. A maximum I can win three more gold medals: on 50 both 100 m freestyle and 50 m on a back.

Meanwhile the hundred-metre race butterfly stroke with the third time was floated by other our compatriot Andrey Strokin.

two More bronze our judoists have put in the all-Russian coin box. Victoria Potapov in a category to 48 kg and Alesya Stepanjuk in a category to 52 kg have appeared on a podium, having won the consolatory endings.