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Country amnesty - is too expensive for the simple summer resident

I the countryman, having heard about country amnesty, be touched such care of the state of citizens and has decided to legalise all constructions on manor.

As my house at a fire has burnt down five years ago, and I with a family live in a bath with the attached garage has decided to issue a bath as an apartment house: the new house it is not known when I will construct, and amnesty will last till 2010. I have addressed in BTI that have estimated my structures and have written out the passport. Having received the passport, I have seen that two mine of a shed and a bath with garage and, excuse, a lavatory are estimated in two million forty thousand roubles. And it in village where instead of roads one pools, are not present street illumination, is not present a bath, school, club, a kindergarten, shops, and the most important thing, there is no work. In BTI to me have answered that property cost has increased from - for factor of recalculation of inventory cost of structures which is accepted by the decision of the governor of the Amur region Kolesov N.A. 29. 03. 2008 In village the factor has increased in 56,4 times, in a city - in 54, and it operates on all area, without distinguishing a deaf taiga and the regional centre.

In my case the rate of the tax of 1 %. These are 20 400 roubles of the tax a year. Every month I should pay on 1700 roubles, thus, living on village of 15 years, did not see, that though the rouble of taxes would be spent for our village. There was a bath, there was a club - all have closed. The settlement is surrounded by a garbage dump, and from administration it does not excite anybody...

Well where to the peasant to levy such money for taxes, all - taki our people live in the Amur region, instead of in village Rublevka, what near Moscow? And therefore I see such prospect: To the population which not in condition to pay such taxes, it is necessary to tighten more tightly belts or for debts the state will start to describe and withdraw property of citizens. This logic end of campaign for privatisation. At first - propaganda to privatise apartment, the house, constructions, further - country amnesty, and as a result - receive the huge tax to property of physical persons.

And still. Under the law inventory cost of structures should not exceed market cost. The present accepted factor exceeds market cost several times.

the Countryman
Skrybnik Peter Jakovlevich,
the Amur region