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Alexander Radulova`s returning can become an occasion to serious trials

In a past week-end in Zurich there has passed a meeting of heads of the International federation of hockey (IIHF) and nine national federations and leagues. Thus uneasy mutual relations between KHL and NHL became the main theme of discussion. Representatives of transatlantic league have ignored a meeting.

representatives of Russia, Belarus, Canada, Czechia, Finland, Germany, Slovakia, Sweden and Switzerland have taken part In meeting. Thus conversation went especially on the Russian theme.

we Will remind that not so long ago KHL and its head Alexander Medvedev declared that for uncertain time stop the moratorium on the invitation of hockey players with operating contracts with NHL clubs. Similar measures have been dictated by non-observance by transatlantic league before the reached arrangements. If is more concrete, Los - Andzheles Kingz Had imprudence to sign two Russian players with agreements in force. the continental hockey league strictly adhered to the moratorium declared unilaterally on the invitation of hockey players with operating contracts with clubs of National hockey league, - has declared then Medvedev. - however on August, 28th NHL officially declared the conclusion club Los - Andzheles Kingz contracts with hockey players Andrey Loktionov and Vyacheslav Vojnovym. These players have operating contracts with clubs KHL the Locomotive (Yaroslavl) and the Tractor (Chelyabinsk) accordingly. In this connection KHL considers itself free from any obligations on observance before the declared moratorium on transitions of players . Next day also Kolambus has declared signing of the contract with the forward Ak the Leopard Maxim Majorovym.

Going to Zurich, head KHL has in absentia warned enhaelovskih bosses that for them waits rigid conversation . However the last on a meeting were not.

Nevertheless and without them at meeting a number of important decisions has been accepted. In - the first, the new Russian league has removed the claims concerning transition in NHL of five hockey players the rights on which belonged to the Russian clubs. Speech about Nikita Filatove (CSKA - Kolambus ), Tomashe Mojzhishe ( Siberia - Minnesota ), Canadian Jayson Kroge ( Severstal - Vancouver ), Feodor Fedorove ( the Dynamo Moscow - Nju - Jersey ) and Victor Tikhonov ( Severstal - Phoenix ) . IIHF has answered that has removed from them disqualification on participation in the tournaments spent under its aegis.

As to history with Loktionov, Vojnovym and Majorovym here KHL intend to go up to the end and most likely the question on them will be considered by arbitration. The same fate, most likely, waits also for Alexander Radulova. It is not excluded that in the near future its business will be transferred to judicial consideration in Sports arbitration court in Lausanne.

Meanwhile all participants of meeting have agreed in opinion, as KHL, and contracts each other without dependence from the labour legislation of the Russian Federation providing 30-days notice on cancellation of the contract are equally obliged to respect NHL. Also the decision on necessity of all-round study of positions of the new contract on transitions of players between IIHF both NHL and the separate cooperation agreement between IIHF, FHR, KHL both other national federations and leagues is accepted.

Now all wait for reaction of the transatlantic party. There while are silent, probably, considering the plan of the further actions.