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Of global climate changes will observe from Hunts - Mansijska

In the Jugorsky state university new chair - Dynamics of environment and global climate changes - has received UNESCO status.

Its solemn opening has taken place in district birthday, but it is created much earlier and is already known to many domestic and foreign scientists studying problems of preservation of ecological equilibrium. Hunts - the Mansijsky autonomous region plays far not last role in formation of weather of the Earth. After all huge large forests are concentrated to its territory. So big area occupied with bogs, is not present in one regional formation of the world. Them, researchers are convinced, it is the extremely important to keep, as they help to keep atmospheric balance. Not casually Jugru name planet lungs.

At the same time here already about half a century intensively extract hydrocarbons. Technogenic influence on a unique ecosystem is great. To trace its condition, to offer the oil and gas and building companies safe technological decisions, with support of the government of district the centre of dynamics of environment together with the international field hospital is generated. Last is based in one of settlements in vicinities of capital of autonomous region. Heads of leading high school of region have got support of the authoritative scientific public organisations, known universities from Germany, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands.

last year in Hunts - Mansijske under the aegis of UNESCO has passed the second international field symposium entirely devoted to a condition of the West Siberian peatbogs. The third, predictably, will collect again researchers in the same city.

the Inquiry

With the assistance of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrova openly regional branch of the Commission of the Russian Federation on affairs of UNESCO in autonomous region. Here work under several programs and projects of this organisation is conducted at once. Including - hydrological, a worldnet biospheric rezervatov, on preservation of disappearing languages of the small people of the North, a network assotsiirovannyh UNESCO schools.