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Ban Ki-moon: Global crisis is partly caused by avidity and corruption

the Secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon considers that present global financial crisis is partly caused by avidity and corruption.

the Trust to a financial system is undermined. Conscientiousness of many banks is called into question. Many people have lost the savings which they accumulated throughout all life - Ban Ki-moon has declared. He has underlined that in developing countries annually as a result of bribery and other abusings billions dollars which are extremely necessary for these countries for financing of public health services, formation, supply of the population by potable water and for infrastructure development are plundered or spent.

the Secretary general   has noticed that the United Nations struggle with these phenomena. So,   In the Convention of the United Nations against the corruption which has come into force in December, 2005, effective measures on observance of ethical standards and fight against corruption are provided. He has underlined that on Convention conditions, position about bank secret more is not an obstacle for returning of the stolen actives.

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