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Where to store out-patient cards - at home or in polyclinic

We want to store medical (out-patient) cards of children of the house, instead of in polyclinic. Whether there are any restrictions on such storage? If house storage probably, than it is possible to be guided, if the polyclinic is against?

Sergey Borisovich

the Polyclinic will be against storage of out-patient cards on hands at patients, and it is its right. The matter is that quality assurance of rendering of medical aid in it is out-patient - polyclinic establishments; validity of an extract of recipes on preferential and free medicinal maintenance; carrying out of prophylactic medical examinations, etc., it is carried out   supervising bodies, including, by studying of medical cards of patients. Administration it is out-patient - polyclinic establishment is obliged to give out on request of the patient a copy medical   cards. If the polyclinic does not possess such possibility, or ignores the corresponding reference, address with the written statement to the head physician, with the request to hand out a medical card for copying on such - that term.

Council not the lawyer: translate a medical card in the digital form and fill up it in process of receipt of new data. Medical cards often vanish and responsibility for it nobody bears.

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