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Dmitry Medvedev has discussed with head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain of the initiative on the European safety

In   night   on Tuesday head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain Migel Anhel Moratinos has arrived with working visit to Moscow where has met the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the colleague Sergey Lavrovym. Despite late hour, negotiations passed slowly and in details.

In the Russian capital Moratinos has arrived from Bruxelles - right after end of negotiations of heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of member countries of the European Union. So in Moscow it acted not only on behalf of Madrid, but also as the representative of one of the states of uniform Europe. It is especially important that in 2010 presidency in EU should pass to Spain, and Russia and the European block still has many unresolved questions. And first of all the conclusion of the new base contract on cooperation.

On the eve of visit the official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Andrey Nesterenko has declared that the initiative of Moscow, concerning formations of new system of safety in Europe, and also ways of overcoming of consequences of world financial crisis becomes the central theme of negotiations. Negotiations of Moratinosa and Lavrova on this theme have really taken place.

But at first head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain has discussed the offered concept directly with its author - the president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. I have told to the Russian leader that Spain very positively concerns its initiative. In the XXI-st century of a problem of safety it is necessary to consider a new view. This question demands detailed discussion which we now will start with the Russian minister Sergey Lavrovym - has declared Moratinos after meeting end.

At the same time many Spanish analysts are convinced: In sphere of bilateral cooperation Moscow and Madrid can reach much bigger mutual understanding, rather than in questions which demand participation of all 27 EU Member States. one business - intergovernmental dialogue at level of heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which develops successfully enough, another matter - questions of the all-European safety. I do not think that Spain will represent itself as the lobbyist of the Russian plan in this area - the Spanish political scientist, the expert of Fund of the analysis and social researches " has declared; FAES Raphael Bardahi Lopez.