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Russia has said goodbye to the most holy Patriarch Alex II

Yesterday Russia has said goodbye in Moscow to the most holy Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex II. Seen off by the first persons of Church and the state, set of the people, he has been buried in the Elohovsky cathedral.

Alex`s Coffin II rolled in white roses. Near it attributes of the higher patriarchal power have been exposed: the white patriarchal kukol (headdress), the patriarchal portable cross and a staff. Requiems sang four known spiritual choruses of the country - the Trinity - Sergievoj of monastery, a temple of the Christ of the Savior, Sretensky and situated near Moscow Piously - Golutvina of a monastery. In 9 mornings the doleful Divine liturgy has begun. In it have taken part about 200 clerics, the service sounded in 12 languages.

Doors in a temple of the Christ of the Savior with the beginning of a liturgy for parishioners have been closed, all interested persons was not to contain. But during service in a temple was about 2 thousand persons, near a temple - 500 more.

the Liturgy was headed mestobljustitel the patriarchal throne by the metropolitan Smolensk and Kaliningrad Cyril. Together with it members of the Sacred synod and bishops of Russian Orthodox Church served. On Monday clerics have joined them from Russian Orthodox Church abroad also. All of them have been dressed in the white clothes corresponding in church to the solemn moment. To serve a liturgy to the lord to Cyril the chairman helped with the synod of the Serbian church the metropolitan Montenegro and Seaside Amfilohy.

Upon termination of the Liturgy metropolitan Cyril has said the solemn speech devoted to acts of the Patriarch.

By 11 o`clock in a temple there was a president of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin with spouses.

At parting with the Patriarch the president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, the president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin, the president of Serbia Boris Tadich, the president of Armenia Serzh Sargsjan have arrived.

Besides on the Liturgy there was Minister of Justice Alexander Konovalov, public prosecutor Yury Chajka, the ambassador of Russia in Ukraine Victor Tchernomyrdin, the head of the Ministry of Emergency Measures Sergey Shojgu, zamglavy Presidential Administration Vladislav Surkov, vitse - prime ministers Dmitry Kozak, Sergey Ivanov, Sergey Sobjanin, the governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko.

On divine service chapter of the Russian imperial house Grand duchess Maria Vladimirovna has come.

On funeral of Patriarch Alex II there were leading religious figures of the world, including the Georgian patriarch Ilija II, the archbishop Athenian and vseja Ellady Ieronim, the metropolitan of the Czech earths and Slovakia Hristofor. Rimsko - Catholic church on funeral cardinals represented Rozhe Echegaraj naming the friend of the Patriarch and Walter Kasper, a number of other Catholic hierarches. At high level the Armenian apostolic church has been presented. Church of England bishop London Richard Chartrz represented, Evangelic church to Germany - bishop Martin Shindehjutte. To Moscow also profits from the USA the rabbi, the chairman of fund the Appeal to conscience Arthur Shnajer, the head of the Organization of Islamic culture and communications of Iran ajatolla Mohammad Ali Tashiri, the chief of department of Moslems of caucasus Allahshukjur Pashazade and others.

In 11. 23 burial service pochivshego the Patriarch has begun. It was headed by the patriarch Constantinople (Universal) Varfolomey.

After singing of a funeral canon the roll with a prayer has been enclosed in the right hand of the Patriarch, and archbishops and priests began to approach to a coffin for farewell. Many could not constrain some tears. Long could not cope with sobbings and depart from a coffin archbishop Istrinsky Arseny, one of the nearest assistants to the Most holy.

And here already 12 redressed black bishops on hands take out the coffin covered with a green patriarchal cloak from a cathedral. 12 mourning blows are distributed from a cathedral belfry, the biggest sounds 30 - a ton bell Big Imperial . Simultaneously in the Moscow Kremlin on a belltower Ivan Veliky beats 30 - a ton bell Reut . Nuns cover a funeral procession way with white roses. Under a torrential rain a coffin enclose round a temple. Ahead - the Gospel, a cross, the patriarchal kukol, numerous wreaths. A funeral ringing of all bells on belfries of a temple of the Christ of the Savior and the Kremlin - the train of blows from the smallest to the biggest - symbolises years of the lived life. Then a coffin establish on a catafalque and a mourning train goes to a six-kilometre way to the Bogojavlensky cathedral. And in a temple of the Christ of the Savior parishioners kissed at this time a pedestal on which there was a coffin.

the Funeral procession has proceeded on a route: street Volhonka - Moss - the Theatre square - Maroseyka - Pokrovka - Old Basmannaja - Spartakovsky. The coffin with a body of the Patriarch stood in a catafalque Mercedes also it was accompanied by traffic police motor vehicles. All streets and prodrivings round a temple of the Christ of the Savior have been filled by the people. Thousand people stood throughout all transit of a mourning train.

After the arrival in the Bogojavlensky (Elohovsky) cathedral one more short requiem - Lithium was served. In the Bogojavlensky cathedral the enthronement of the elite on a throne of Patriarch Alex 18 years ago has taken place, he liked to serve here. Especially in days of memory of the heavenly patron of metropolitan Moscow Alex heading Church in XIV century. It has received this name in 1961 at postrizhenii in monks. And twice a year served at hallows of the prelate. In a cathedral there is Alexy II favourite icon - an image of Kazan Bozhiej of Mother, transferred here after destruction in 30 - e years of the XX-th century of the Kazan cathedral on Red Square.

a burial place Place pervoierarha - the right side-altar of a cathedral. It have put in marble to a coffin under cathedral plates. Unusual set of the people - over thousand persons - have gathered in the street before a cathedral. In total to come to say goodbye to the Patriarch for last three days have counted as the debt more than 100 thousand persons, it not including those who has come to Elohovsky and stood along the line a train. By some calculations to say goodbye to the Patriarch has come about one million person.