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Fly Aliev: In Dagestan associate justices of jurymen test constant pressure

Today the president of Dagestan the Fly Aliev has supported the decision of the State Duma which has approved the amendments providing cancellation of a jury by disposal of legal proceeding of terrorist character, the hostages connected with capture and the organisation of illegal armed formations.

In Dagestan associate justices of jurymen test constant   pressure, - the president of Dagestan has told. - we brought up a question on possibility of carrying over considered in republic jurymen of affairs about terrorism on neutral territory, in other subjects of the country, but such offer was not accepted in connection with the big financial expenses .

Aliev has mentioned the Fly that in Dagestan there were facts when the jury justified crimes of a terrorist orientation suspected of fulfilment, however then these citizens took up arms again and committed crimes.

By the way

As informed, as a result of special action which has passed in Makhachkala on November, 17th, Magomed Salihov has been destroyed. According to group of public relations UFSB of Dagestan, Magomed Salihov it was suspected of the organisation of an act of terrorism of explosion of an apartment house in Buinaksk on September, 4th, 1999 when 58 persons were lost. Salihov was in federal search, has been detained in territory of Azerbaijan, ekstradirovan to Russia where it was twice defensible a jury on charge in this crime.