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Crisis has reached Lipetsk: NLMK stops blast furnaces and sends people in holidays

World financial crisis has painfully struck on the basic tax bearer of the Lipetsk region. Are taken out of service 7 and 8 koksovye batteries, on repair are stopped 2 - I and 4 - I blast furnaces.

- the Largest enterprise of region has lowered pig-iron volumes of output almost for 50 percent, steels - on 35, - has informed vitse - governor Alexander Korobejnikov.

the Management of New Lipetsk metallurgical industrial complex declared that sells a controlling interest (69,41 percent) Open Society Tuapse sea trading port ( TMTP ”) Dutch Universal Cargo Logistics Holding B V. ( UCLH ”) . A sum of transaction -   7 105 155 057 roubles.

Benefitsiarom UCLH is   the largest shareholder and the chairman of board of directors of Open Society NLMK Vladimir Lisin. The industrial complex management recognised port as not profile active still two years ago. That fact that the transaction is made right now, can testify to Vladimir Lisina`s desire to create a safety pillow for the metallurgical giant on the first quarter of the next year.

- Between industrial complex and port the long-term contract on metal transfer is concluded, and the new proprietor will not cease to execute it, - have informed the correspondent in a press - service NLMK. - Means from sale will be used for payments under short-term obligations of the company and financing of current obligations under investment projects.

- In the conditions of crisis the industrial complex is compelled to go for unpopular measures - for five and a half thousand workers modes of the incomplete working day and incomplete working week are established, in holidays without salary preservation there are 530 persons, - have told in a press - enterprise service. - work on optimisation of number of administrative apparatus Is spent. In 2009 the quantity of managers will be reduced to 15 percent.

About uneasy position, and it is possible, and about certain undercurrents round industrial complex the recent reference in mass-media corporate a press - services testifies also:

Today from us, dear colleagues, on our work depends, as all of us will pass this difficult period: having saved the face or by a principle for whom - crisis for whom - mother is native - it is told in circulation. - … Not a secret that some editions owing to the position, and sometimes and depending on pattern of ownership, from professional qualities, use the unchecked information, the scandalous form of giving for momentary benefit, for increase of own recognition at readers, spectators. But it is journalists some and very separate of us. …. Today each journalist, edition of mass-media has a choice: to gambol on a vital topic, treading on corns of metallurgists, or to show solidarity with the audience, with all country - a feather to help the fellow countrymen. We urge you vzveshenno to make comments on an event, to give out in an aether only the checked up information. Crises come and leave, and NLMK and thinking, wise people remain in the Lipetsk region invariable .

Under optimistical forecasts of a management of industrial complex, the situation will start to be corrected not earlier than II quarter 2009.