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On elections in the Tula area of party will arrange sotssorevnovanija

Tula   the parliament has approved in the first reading the bill   On regulation pravootnosheny at elections of deputies of the Tula regional Duma . With its acceptance elections of deputies of a regional legislature will pass exclusively on partspiskam, and the Tula area becomes the fifth - after St.-Petersburg, Moscow Region, Dagestan and the Chechen Republic - the region, passed to a proportional election system of regional parliament.

already wrote that in the spring regional members of parliament with ease have voted for a proportional election system in Tula. Despite resistance of some city deputies (up to courts, and finding-out of relations, is not excluded, will proceed in the Constitutional court, and even in Strasbourg), the party election system has actually affirmed as the regional centre. Then in November changes in the Charter of area which have cancelled the mixed system of voting on elections in regional Duma have been accepted. Now Tula   deputies needed to take last step on a way of change of an election system and definitive transition from majority system to the proportional.

As has explained an essence of the Tula elective bill one of its founders the vice-president of regional election committee Alexander Mashkov, party lists should be split up for territorial groups, territorial   districts on the first elections will coincide with borders of the former one-mandatory districts. it is made not that it was better than any one party, and that all got used to such scheme,   and thus there was a smooth transition - through territories of one-mandatory districts - Mashkov has underlined.

In the bill it is provided 7 - a percentage barrier of passage to the Duma. The minimum quantity of territorial groups on which applicants for places in regional parliament will be put forward, - 12. And, what territorial group will collect votes more, that and will receive more mandates. And, if in any territory the group does not pass a barrier, even at party passage on the average on area candidates from this group will not get to the Duma.

- the Party system changes the most important thing, - has explained   Mashkov. - to tell in day of voting who will win - what territorial group, without speaking about what party - it is impossible. And the selective fund becomes the general - one on party, instead of on each territorial group. We include the mechanism not only a competition between parties, but also we create sotssorevnovanie in parties.

Moreover, unlike elections in the State Duma where mandates (when distribution between territories has gone) were distributed by a principle of alignment of factors, at us will pass depending on quantity of the voted. For example, the party in the given territory has typed 0,99   percent - to it gave the mandate, and it was clear that it is received by the first person in the list. At us differently: such tail as though additional mandates will be received by candidates from those groups which have better proved to be on elections.