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At Omsk customs have detained large party of red caviar

About fifty containers with a delicacy   - specially by New Year`s holidays - smugglers through Omsk from the Far East illegally tried to forward.
with caviar experts gosvetnadzora and Omsk customs officers have found out the Hiding place during joint check of trains on a check point in Isilkule. In a passenger train 53 Vladivostok - Kharkov the attention of auditors was involved with a compartment with bed-clothes.

- As our practice shows, here transport illegal products more often, - has informed   the chief of department gosvetnadzora on state border of the Russian Federation and Upravlenija Rosselhoznadzora transport across the Omsk region Alexey Kharin. - in a compartment the low temperature, therefore the goods is supported remains in safety. Our suspicions have justified and this time. In a hiding place was over thirty five kgs of caviar of fish of salmon breeds.

the Owner of containers appeared at once. It has appeared it … a conductor of the same train. On cargo the carrier could not show any documents and has explained that carried delicacies only for private use. However it was during the investigation found out that the railwayman is engaged black business some years.

- Unfortunately, serious punishment for similar carriers by the law it is not provided, - Alexey Kharin speaks. - we have written out to a conductor the penalty for infringement of the veterinary legislation at a rate of 500 roubles. These are ridiculous money. Besides it gosvetnadzor will achieve, that the railway management has taken the measures concerning the careless worker.

By the way

This case - not the first when in Omsk detain illegal Far East production. One year ago the same train smugglers tried to transport 37 kgs of black caviar.