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In Tolyatti have condemned the doctors, stopped to perish the vagabond

In   federal court of the Central area Tolyatti process against two physicians which accused in neokazanii to the person without a certain residence has come to the end that as a result has led to its destruction.

As already informed, in June, 2007 inhabitants of one of the Tolyatti court yard became witnesses a medical error : from an ambulance car people in white dressing gowns have unloaded from a stretcher of the person in underwear also have left on a bench. The man has held on literally some seconds and has fallen to the ground. People have caused militia and fast. However, physicians did not manage to save life of patient Sergey Chugunova, at night he has died in hospital.

According to the bill of particulars, the manager and the attending physician of branch of neurosurgery of city hospital 2 Vyacheslav Rusak and Vasily Dudoladov are guilty in death. Sergey Chugunov was in this clinic on treatment with cranial - a brain trauma, however, the head injury was not its unique sore.   experts of the Ulyanovsk regional bureau it is judicial - medical examination have found out in it multiple fractures of edges. Physicians of city hospital should translate not walking patient in other branch, let us assume, in traumatology, instead of discharge from hospital.

Nevertheless, on June, 20th it have written out and by an official car have carried home. However, in apartment where it earlier veins, and other people already lived in a hostel where the unfortunate has been registered, it have not accepted. It has appeared that the patient the second year as without a certain residence .   Therefore hospital attendants have not thought up anything better,   how to leave the patient on a lawn .

Litigation lasted more year.   As a result the court has sentenced chief of department Vyacheslav Rusaka to two years of imprisonment conditionally with a trial period in one and a half year. Neurosurgeon Vasily Dudoladova   to ones and a half   to years it is conditional also to the same trial period. Both physicians have deprived of the right to medical and pharmaceutical activity within three years. However, as have explained in court, most likely respondents will appeal against sentence.

the Comment

Elizabeth Glinsky, the head of the charitable medical organisation, Moscow:

- Neokazanie the doctor to the patient whoever it was, -   this crime. Unfortunately, such relation to vagabonds, reflects a spirit of all our today`s society. Nobody reflects, from what the person became bomzhom. To them concern as unnecessary people. But agree that actually unnecessary people do not happen.

to avoid repetition of similar tragedies, in Tolyatti the interdepartmental agreement on rendering of the emergency help to persons without a certain residence is signed. Social workers, physicians, agents of national security, rescuers have agreed about joint actions and Tolyatti sotsprijut for persons without a certain residence and employment . Now in need of enough one call on   to phone - 112 that the emergency help has been rendered the needing.