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The rights and privileges of large families in Moscow

Were to be learnt, whether I am considered as mum having many children, if at my children age 22 years, 15 years, 10 years. I one bring up children. Recently on V there was a transfer Moscow the instruction there it was said that the family is considered having many children even after one already minor. It would be desirable to learn more in general about the rights and privileges for large families. Thanks.

Karateeva Lyudmila Vladimirovna

your family concerns a category of large families. According to the Law 60 large family is a family, in which three and more children (including adopted, and also stepsons and stepdaughters) before achievement younger of them age of 16 years, and trained in the educational institution realising general educational programs, - were born and brought up 18 years. As a part of a large family children who are on full state maintenance, and children in which relation parents are deprived the parental rights are not considered or limited in the parental rights.

the Privileges given   the given category of citizens in Moscow, contain in the Law of Moscow from November, 23rd, 2005 N 60 About social support of families with children in the city of Moscow .