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The Russian Orthodox Church synod will define date Pomestnogo of the Cathedral who will select the Patriarch

Doleful litiej on novoprestavlennomu to Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Alex II has opened on December, 10th   session of the Sacred Synod of Russian Orthodox Church. Members of the Synod led by mestobljustitelem the patriarchal throne metropolitan Cyril have made to lithium in a house temple of the patriarchal residence in Piously - Danilovom a monastery.

during session the Synod will define date Pomestnogo of the Cathedral on whom the new Patriarch will be selected.

Pomestnyj the Cathedral - the supreme body of the power in the field of dogma and initial organisation. Usually terms of convocation of Pomestnogo of the Cathedral are defined by the Arhierejsky Cathedral, but in exceptional cases Pomestnyj the Cathedral can be called the patriarch of Moscow and all Russia (mestobljustitelem) and the Sacred Synod.

Pomestnyj the Cathedral consists of bishops, representatives of clergy, monashestvujushchih both laymen in quantity and an order defined by the Arhierejsky Cathedral.

in case Pomestnyj the Cathedral is convoked by the patriarch or the patriarchal mestobljustitelem and the Sacred Synod, offers on the program, the agenda, regulations of sessions and Cathedral structure Pomestnogo affirm the Arhierejsky Cathedral which session without fail should precede the Local Cathedral.

members of the Cathedral are diocesan and vikarnye bishops. Election procedure on the Cathedral of delegates from clergy, monashestvujushchih and laymen and their quota are established by the Arhierejsky Cathedral or - in exceptional cases - the Sacred Synod with the subsequent statement the Arhierejsky Cathedral.

the chairman of the Cathedral is the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, and for lack of the Patriarch - mestobljustitel the patriarchal throne.

the Quorum of the Cathedral makes 2/ 3 duly elected delegates, including 2/ 3 bishops from total number of hierarches - members of the Cathedral.

in Cathedral public meetings, besides its members, the invited seminary students, experts, observers and visitors can take part. Degree of their participation is defined by regulations, but in any of cases they have no right to participate in voting.

decisions on the Cathedral are accepted by majority of votes, except for the special cases stipulated by the accepted Cathedral by regulations. Cathedral decisions come into force right after their acceptances.

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