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To Moscow for mountain skiers deliver 2 thousand cubic metre of artificial snow

the Russian capital will be ready to accept participants of a stage of a World Cup in a parallel slalom which becomes the first in the history.

it was declared by the sports director of these competitions, a member of presidium FGSSR Alexey Kurashov. Together with it on a building site on the University area correspondents have visited.

Seen on a building site at once has forced to remember a bible legend about the Babel tower and confusion of languages, in this case - Russian, English, German... With that only a difference that unlike their Babylon builders colleagues on mountains Vorobevyh in Moscow worked accurately and harmoniously, perfectly understanding each other.

- What the hell here it is necessary for you?! - German speech was distributed suddenly over an ear. Having lifted a head, I find out arrow of the huge crane bearing the block upward collected below from openwork metallokonstruktsy promptly floating over me, and near to myself - the extremely dissatisfied foreigner in an orange building helmet.

I make in his native language apologies for obvious infringement of safety precautions. My unexpected interlocutor softened with this circumstance is represented: Mike Hyosl, the civil engineer from Innsbruck, the head of group of the Austrian experts who are engaged in installation of a design together with the Russian colleagues.

- As stage building, mister Hyosl moves?

- As a whole according to plan. Certainly, at ourselves in Austria we collected stages and springboards, but not so huge sizes. Here it is necessary to collect more than 1200 tons of designs from a steel. And it in the conditions of world financially - economic difficulties which, by the way, have rather painfully mentioned sector of manufacture of metals! But it is necessary to give to due our Russian partners - in deliveries metallokonstruktsy practically there are no failures.

- whether Apply any special modern technologies?

- Feature one, also consists that here the basic knots, unlike less large objects, gather in special powerful blocks below and are delivered upward by means of the crane, and their fixture to similar blocks there is already made. It rather accelerates work and allows to supervise better a collected design on durability. By the way, the raised durability and reliability of a stage are its main distinctive quality. For the first time we will establish also on such stage the lift - the lift capable simultaneously to lift on a launching pad - on height more than 50 metres - to cargo ton, or 8 - 9 persons...

- And on terms keep within?

- Should keep within, as well as it was planned, till December, 20th. The most labour-consuming part of work behind. And technologically many kinds of works on already ready stage can be spent in parallel from it osnezheniem. So all will be as it should be...

- By the way, about osnezhenii, - Alexey Kurashov joins in conversation. - Hope on the help winter weather rather weak so artificial snow to Moscow will be delivered within the next few days by special refrigerators from a number of northern regions of the country. In total for carrying out of competitions on a stage taking into account a necessary thickness of a snow cover it is necessary to deliver 2 thousand cubic metre of snow, including from Southern Siberia. But we have decided to make secure and prepare almost four thousand...

- whether Can tell something new and concrete about competitions?

- the prize fund, rather impressive for any competitions of world level - 200 thousand dollars from which the winner will receive 30 thousand Is confirmed. And name closer by December, 20th we can also full structure of participants of a stage.

- Why not earlier?

- It is accepted to invite the final decision to the Moscow stage of the best sportsmen following the results of a stage of a World Cup coming in the middle of December in French Valdizere. However, names of many stars from potential the first tens already were called: it and the best mountain skier following the results of the previous season American Bode Miller, both Croat Ivitsa Kostelich, and Austrian Mario Matt... Certainly, there will be also special invitations, for example, to the well-known Hermannu Mayer irrespective of the fact how it will act. For the purpose of the final decision of all formalities connected with the invitation to Moscow of the best mountain skiers of the world, delegation FGSSR within the next few days goes to France led by the first vice-president Dmitry Svishchevym. In total to Moscow there should arrive 14 best mountain skiers from - for a boundary, two Russians - Alexander Horoshilov and Stepan Zuev will participate also.