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Yury Bogomolov: On television crisis will strike with the doubled force

In different occasions even more often I remember a chastooshka from 12 chairs : On a wall bugs sat/ And on the sun shchurilis,/ the Auditor have beheld -/ At once okochurilis .

as the auditor world financial crisis today works. This incognito from - for ocean here - here should appear and on our TV.

we Risk to remain without soap

In film production already okochurilos something about third of projects. That remained, should grow thin strongly. That is to be reduced in the cost price. It is said that basically at the expense of actor`s fees.

Speak also as if also show - business will suffer in view of that many companies should refuse from korporativov from which basically and all its stars are fed. And will precisely strike on soap operas. Both criminal, and melodramatic. Also that now to us: to suffer or enjoy?.

On television crisis will strike with the doubled force as it depends not only on manufacturers soaps but also from advertisers. Those companies and firms that the consumer goods throw out on the market and offer pleasant services, is inevitable sekvestirujut not only states, salaries, but also advertising budgets. And it is the most important revenue for TV channels - both for commercial, and for state.

It is known that in January of coming year grandees of television business strongly nedoberut vivifying for them and the information irritating for spectators to reflexion about linings, juice, chocolates, pampers, toothpicks, shampoos, creams, resorts, fordah and etc.

I do not know, can, it seemed to me, but already now commercial breaks have a little shrivelled. On this background pleasure, from which Anastas Zavorotnjuk interrupted on Saturday figure skating to pledge a word to advertising, it is represented more and more genuine.

it is clear that in a situation of world financial crisis this judgement has affected mood of the respondent: last time it was unusually cheerful, courageously, has dared to disagree with an estimation of the judge of Tatyana Tarasovoj moreover has risked to doubt its objectivity.

Tatyana Anatolevna has grown dark, has pursed lips. But show proceeded, and other judge - actor Sergey Garmash to smooth awkwardness, has told, how to it has carried that it here has got and as here abruptly...

And as has carried to a musical Dandies not left yet in hire, and already to it such glory and such honour...

... And what for to you to buzz?

I have understood not at once, why in last release Glacial age in jury there were at once three drama actors - Sergey Garmash, Oleg Yankovsky and Leonid Yarmolnik. Also continued to remain in perplexity even then when Tarasova, declaring a musical leitmotif of evening, began to tell in detail about young men 50 - 60 - h years. That is about dandies and about their way of life. I have thought that dear Tatyana Anatolevna simply likes to talk and nobody should dare to it to contradict.

the old true opened still Winnie - Down Has proved to be true that if the bee buzzes, it with an ulterior motive. All became clear, when was found out that all three drama actors Yankovsky, Yarmolnik and Garmash play one film, namely in Dandies where young men it is universal dance or learn to dance bugi - vugi. And here now the First channel has decided to buzz all over the country about this event.

Means, we past Saturday looked not simply next release of ice show, and were present on presentation of a new film that in itself, of course, is not shameful. The it is more, if it is a question of a film worthy. And in this case, I dare to think, it so. Here zakavyka in other.

to Return through a window

the Reduced advertising or even at all expelled it will be inevitable to try to return to doors through a window. That is will try to pretend to be nereklamoj. On that there is a separate technology (at it and the name is - product placement) which the First channel has mastered for a long time and in perfection. With unknown scope it used it one year ago in popularisation of a film of own manufacture the Twist of fate. History continuation .

smaller cases - promotion of one television programs within the limits of other projects. Well, say, as it was with Last hero which before were thrown in an aether, it has appeared a theme of one of program releases Let speak . Such examples on the First darkness.

It is a signal to the advertising market. What here will be established quotations and payment schemes - not ours (televiewers) of mind business. Let it will be them (the dealer and the buyer) a trade secret. And let it will be behind seven seals from us (televiewers, instead of from the auditor). But it is not necessary to do secrets from this that advertising is an advertising.

In newspapers there is a practice to allocate paid velichalnye materials with a special font, to give them under any special heading. If here again remembered release the Glacial age it would be accompanied by a creeping line As advertising also the question would not be. The spectator would understand that everything that in it is told, it is necessary to divide into two, on four, and even on sixteen.

To me are clear (and all motives on which advertisers not against to disguise the self-interest and are clear). Too at the madam of Advertising nasty image, as at any despotism. It is annoying, self-confident, impudent, the liar. At all times it was known. But at all times with it it was necessary to be reconciled, show in it interest, to marry it. Certainly, by calculation.

Now for it the best times have come not. The auditor has let out from it air. Shades have specified in its place. It is possible about it and to gloat. But absolutely without it it is impossible.

We will not have time to take pleasure in absence of commercial breaks during display of qualitative films as we will find out that their quantity was sharply reduced. And to television remains nothing another how to pass to self-service by public relations.


On the Fifth Petersburg channel actor Steblov in Andrey Urganta`s very nice author`s program has made true enough supervision. Concerning kissing in ours hudfilmah heroes he has told: They do not love, they chew each other .

Something similar occurs and to domestic entertainment actions in frameworks product placement.