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Ministry of Transport will limit preliminary sale of air tickets by two months

In 2009 demand for passenger transportations will be reduced to 10 percent. Basically it will concern aircraft and the railway. Such forecast was sounded yesterday by the minister of transport Igor Levitin on a round table in Trading - industrial chamber.

Also has informed that, most likely, on an aviation market there will be a consolidation of the companies as not all of them can obtain credits for the needs and survive.

However the Rosaviation already prepares a number of measures which will start to operate prior to the beginning of the summer schedule. According to Igor Levitina, they will be a guarantee for air passengers that their flights will not be late. It will concern term of booking of tickets for no more than two months that airlines could carry out of the obligations, instead of built pyramids. Revision of a routeing network Is supposed. In the near future the order of not discrimination access of air carriers to toplivno - to refuelling complexes of the airports will be published. The minister has explained that it will be forbidden to airports to work through the fuel intermediary.

On a railway transportation the minister expects falling of a cargo transportation more than for 6 percent. In this connection it is supposed to provide indemnification of losses of the Russian Railway from the state budget, including on social - passenger transportations. Thus Levitin has underlined that the railroad rates confirmed for 2009 will not be reconsidered.

At the same time the minister optimistically looks per 2010 and hopes that volumes of financing of the federal target program of development of transport system of Russia in 2010 - remain 2015 former.

As to transport strategy till 2030 which is already signed by Vladimir Putin for its performance mintrans in the first half of the year 2009 will prepare a comprehensive plan for its realisation. For this purpose in the ministry plan to create department scientifically - technical development. Besides, the minister has suggested to create yesterday for more detailed development of the plan interdepartmental council of resource maintenance of transport strategy which will submit to the Governmental commission on transport and communication.

the Minister has noticed that as an anti-recessionary package already in the plan of realisation of strategy it is necessary to put maintenance mainly resources of the Russian suppliers. In this case strategy financial assets will as much as possible support the Russian manufacturer, the minister considers. It has explained that now the transport branch forms the system order for the industry. On the one hand, it is stimulus to development, and with another - the industry becomes realisation of transport strategy dependent on rates. In this connection it is necessary to co-ordinate use of all capacities of industries: building materials, mechanical engineering and formation.

the Minister has noticed that for the first time in transport strategy there is a problem of decrease in external influence of transport on environment. In its opinion, it is necessary to develop and instal new mechanisms of state regulation which would push the Russian citizens on use of cars with high ecological requirements. For improvement of ecological conditions, according to the minister, it is necessary to reconsider routes of transport streams across all Russia.

Within the limits of strategy also it is planned to fix the minimum social transport standards at legislative level, to use mechanisms of indemnification of losses of transport companies from - for state regulations of tariffs for social transportations. Thus, according to Levitina, till 2030 it is necessary to provide open access of businessmen to sphere of transport services to the population. According to the minister, all legislative aspects of strategy can be united in one law - the Transport code. While we have an Air code, the Charter of the railways. And the Transport code can unite both aircraft, and the railway, and automobile, a sailing charter.