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The bank of Russia learns to distinguish lawful points of a currency exchange from illegal

Fear before financial crisis has forced citizens to reflect on safety of savings. Many have preferred to translate blood roubles in euro or the growing dollar and were pulled in changes, without suspecting that can become victims of swindlers.

Recently law enforcement bodies have filed criminal charges concerning not registered point of the currency exchange located in one of buildings in the street New Arbat. According to the information Moscow GTU Bank of Russia and Central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on the Central federal district, business is raised under article 172, p.1 the Criminal code of the Russian Federation Illegal bank activity which involves punishment up to 4 years of imprisonment with the penalty to 80 thousand roubles.

Operative actions were spent GU the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on TSFO under the information given Moscow GTU of the Bank of Russia.

to Comment on a situation we have asked the deputy chief Moscow GTU Bank of Russia Karena Galustjana.

: Explain, please, that itself represents not registered change.

Karen Galustjan: According to the Law On currency regulation and currency control perform operations with cash currency the credit organisations can only. Exchange offices are their structural divisions, and cashiers of exchange offices - regular employees of banks. Supervision of their activity carries out Bank of Russia. According to the rules established by it the exchange office has the right to begin work only in the presence of the positive conclusion of territorial establishment of Bank of Russia about its opening. If such conclusion is not present, the change is considered illegally operating.

RG: Than the citizens, come to change money in such exchange office risk?

Galustjan: They risk to be deceived and to lose the money. After all such exchange office is out of sphere of control of supervising body. Its founders meaningly have gone on law infringement, and this infringement will hardly be limited to a state deceit.

RG: As the visitor can distinguish illegal exchange office from quite lawful?

Galustjan: In the exchange office operating according to established rules, at the stand or in other place accessible to the client necessarily there should be following documents: a copy of the positive conclusion of territorial establishment of Bank of Russia in a place of opening of exchange office; the name, the address and phone of the bank which has opened exchange office; a change operating mode; the information for references and the complaints connected with work of exchange office; Courses of foreign currencies in relation to rouble and cross-country - the courses used at operations with cash currency and checks, and also conditions of their application; the list of operations with cash currency and checks which this point carries out; an extract from tariffs of bank (branch) about the sizes of a commission for operations with cash currency and the checks, assured by the signature of the head of this organisation and fastened by its round stamp. Absence of any of these documents is infringement of the operating procedure established for exchange offices. If are absent a copy of the positive conclusion of Bank of Russia in a place of opening of exchange office, and also data on the bank which has opened it services of this exchange office it is better not to use and inform on infringers in law enforcement bodies.

RG: And why not in the Central bank? After all it is supervising body for bank system.

Galustjan: Territorial divisions of Bank of Russia carry out control over work of officially registered points on exchange of banks (or their branches) and behind observance of the bank legislation by them. In the Moscow region this function is carried out by the Moscow main territorial administration of Bank of Russia. As to illegally operating changes, their activity - sphere of the criminal legislation. Revealing of such points and application to them of corresponding measures - a problem of law enforcement bodies. Practice of last time proves that the greatest effect it is possible to reach joint efforts of Bank of Russia and law enforcement bodies. We and intend to work henceforth in close interaction.

RG: Well and if it is a question not of swindle, and, for example, about banal rudeness or other infringements?

Galustjan: It is possible to complain to a management of bank to which belongs Exchanger . Will accept such complaint and territorial administration of Bank of Russia of that region in which the bank is registered. In Moscow and Moscow Region this Moscow GTU Bank of Russia. Is better to direct the complaint in written form to the address: 115035, Moscow, street Balchug, d. 2, Moscow GTU Bank of Russia, Currency management. It is possible to complain and by phones: (495 742 - 88 - 17, 742 - 88 - 18 or to call on a hot line Moscow GTU by phone (495 950 - 09 - 40. Recently Moscow GTU Bank of Russia has opened the Internet - page for references of citizens and the organisations: http:// www. cbr. ru/ regions/ usermessage.

If it is a question of bank, the person under surveillance to territorial establishment of Bank of Russia of other region, the inquiry on its site can be received in Bank of Russia to the address: 107016, street Neglinnaja, d. 12, or by phones: (495 771 - 47 - 46, 921 - 31 - 16.