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Dik the Lawyer has promised that Zenith will leave in a huff in last match of League of champions against Real

Today eks - the champion of Russia Petersburg Zenith will finish performances in League of champions. A match with Real which will pass in Spain, has no tournament value for a command of Dika of the Lawyer.

Zenith has provided a place in a spring stage of an UEFA Cup and presumes to play to itself without thinking about own gate. Players of our club do not hide that are going to give all the best completely in the field Santiago Bernabeu . we Will fight for a victory. It is necessary to put a beautiful end in this season. Madrid - a suitable place! - the attacking Pavel Pogrebnjak has declared.

As to Real the royal club can win first place in group only in the event that will beat Petersburg club, and Juventus On the home field will concede BATE.

Before a match many conversations went concerning the future forward Zenith Andrey Arshavina. On hearings, the player of Russian national team could continue the career just in Madrid. However the day before in the Spanish press there were comments of heads Real in which they have shown displeasure numerous interviews of the Russian football player in which that spoke time and again about the desire to play century. to Barcelona . Not a secret that mutual relations between two irreconcilable grandees of the Spanish football rather difficult. Bosses Real have noticed that Arshavin can put on in the long term a T-shirt of royal club, but after training in the Leopard .

Anyway, but trainings pitertsev in Spain have caused interest in numerous experts. Behind employment sine - it is white - blue Observed vitse - the world champion of 1990 Klaudio Kanidzha. Trainings passed in easy atmosphere and have been mostly devoted game in tennisbol. Upon termination of employment of Kanidzha has communicated with Wild the Lawyer under the direction of whom the forward has had time to play in Scottish Rejndzherse .

In other matches which will pass today, the situation looks as follows.

In group E the admission in the following stage of League of champions have provided to itself Manchester United and Viljarreal . Mankuniantsy advance the Spanish club thanks to the best difference of the hammered and passed balls - on command personal meetings have identical indicators. To players the MU the meeting with " is necessary; Aalborg and Viljarrealu on departure with Seltikom .

By the way, Aalborg Has staked out behind itself the third place in group and an exit in an UEFA Cup, as Seltik cannot overtake Danes from - for the worst indicator in personal meeting.

In group F also a diarchy - ahead French Lyons and Munich Bavaria at which on 11 points. In last round of a command play among themselves. At present Lyons is in the lead thanks to a goal in Munich (then the match has ended with the account 1:1). Considering that a difference of balls at Lyons on two indicators is worse, rather than at Bavaria only the zero drawn game or a victory will allow Frenchmen to win first place in the group.

For a place in an UEFA Cup battle a Fiorentina and Stjaua . Any result, except defeat in a match with the Romanian club, will deduce in Euro cup of Florentines.

London to the Arsenal In group G enough nobody`s in a match with to Port to provide to itself the first place in group. Portugueses, in turn, confidently occupy the second line, and disturb them can nobody.

This circumstance for certain upsets the head coach Kiev the Dynamo Yury Semin. In final round dinamovtsy play with Turkish Fenerbahche . The victory with what inhabitants of Kiev hardly will agree is necessary for hit in an UEFA Cup for Turks only.

Only in

On the eve of a final match of a group stage of League of champions in group N between Madrid Real and Petersburg Zenith the head coach sine - it is white - blue Dik the Lawyer has told to the correspondent about results of a season and about preparation for a match with Real .

: Mr. the Lawyer, what for you means forthcoming game with one of grandees of the European football?

Dik the Lawyer: it is very pleasant that we finish a season a match with such club, as Real . It is an indicator of what we could reach for two and a half a year of work, and, it is possible to tell, the next award to Zenith for good football.

RG: whether There is at your wards a motivation in a match which as a matter of fact already solves nothing?

the Lawyer: I consistently accent media exposure that football players Zenith - professionals and to adjust them as - that specially on games never is necessary to me. Game with such club, as Real Always event for any player, and I am assured that Zenith will not be in this meeting the outsider. It is necessary to consider also that circumstance that for some football players this match can be last performance for Zenith .

RG: whether it Means, what is already solved, who, when and where leaves?

the Lawyer: does not mean. From the European clubs to our players it is a lot of interest, while it is not enough reality. Therefore both Timoshchuk, and Arshavin, and Pogrebnjak today - football players Zenith and all their thoughts - how to achieve positive result in a match with Real . And after and they, and club will solve a question on the one who and where will act.

RG: Despite a number of already legendary victories on the European arenas in this season, many experts and fans still had some disappointment from - for the fifth places in standings of the championship of Russia.

the Lawyer: the Command - the live mechanism, and at us is recessions and problems. It is necessary to understand that it is impossible to win all time, it is football, and that it and is fine.

RG: Where and how you will spend holiday?

the Lawyer: Where - I will not tell, and here that it will be with a family - precisely.

RG: When preparation for a new season will begin?

the Lawyer: With 16 18 January football players will pass medical examination, and then we will depart to Israel on the Cup of the First channel.