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The conflict: In Russia migrants forget about traditional taboos


the Ethnic question in the big megacity - the big punctuation mark not only for Moscow. On it stumbled both Paris, and London, both New York. Political correctness and literacy in relations between different cultures and mentalities demands the big work. And still - equal and mutual desire of visitors and local to respect each other.

the Underground Kuzminki . In square before Regional dramatic theatre and in the afternoon, and at night has a rest the company young, to twenty five, people. From caucasus. The first time I have got acquainted with them when this mobile group thrashed the tipsy muzhik of years of fifty: than one of them a reserve the debauchee, was not possible then to learn. Too quickly all happens: the flight of the trained youths was there and then flied and feet departed the grey-haired vagabond to semideath. The crowd at a stop of the bus of minute three zacharovanno looked at an event while one of the most courageous has not caused militia. Yesterday it was necessary to face a squadron of flying Dzhigits in the second time. One of them sat on a bench at a stop and precisely spat under feet the expecting. The elderly woman, from those who on the Soviet international habit does remarks by any badly itself to leading children, despite of skin colour and a cut of eyes, has specified to it in an urn. In the answer has heard: And what for? You, Russian, - pigs and so all Moscow for... Spoilt! on this remark the four-eyes of average years has started: Spit at home! also has received mixed up with a floor-mat: And I houses. It you, m. To, at... ezzhaj in the Moscow suburbs! Without us, visitors, you will die! following I have not sustained: It than you personally so are irreplaceable? Perhaps, you the programmer abrupt or the doctor - the surgeon with able fingers? That I above you in all senses! - the fan to spit on asphalt has risen from a bench and has approached almost closely, it having appeared to me on a shoulder. Nevertheless became strashnovato: I have understood that if it now strikes me, nobody will intercede. And still, poezhivshis, has thought: what would be with the same bastard, only Russian nationality, offend it publicly elderly woman in the centre of any Caucasian city? Whether

There is an adequate answer to national aggression? Unfortunately, while two are known only: that has shown turn at a stop, involved a head in shoulders and listening to insults of the ungirdled nationalist, or what is shown by closely cropped morons in grindarah and bomberah. Intelligent chess players or lovely eight-year girls of not slavic appearance become victims of blind fury of skinheads, as it is known, usually.

After all there should be a politically correct answer to household insults on national soil which almost everyone met, for example, in the market? It is necessary to answer, but how? Moscow is full of people of other culture of a hostel and other values. However already it is well visible that the principles of relations developed in the millenia in a small aul or small town often there and remain. To us there come the people who are quickly mastering modern aggressive style and not transferring on neighbours in a new residence those taboos and rules who are sacred at them in the homeland. Over it experts reflect.

it is competent

Alexander Tsipko, the political scientist:

- the Problem that, unfortunately, we do not have weighed and rational approach to similar displays with the account not only interests of migrants, but also interests of the radical Russian population. There is no political correctness without an agiotage both ohov and ahov over a hard lot of visitors. It unfashionably now to tell, but the presumption of guilt of the Russian or Russian people is very extended. I agree, xenophobia elements in our cities meet. They are caused by variety of the reasons, in particular noncontrollable migration. But if in a city live four - five millions representatives of Central Asia and caucasus also hooligans among them it is a lot of. And so, to this hooliganism we consider any counteraction as xenophobia and we shout apropos defects Russian nation. The second problem is even deeper. At Russians, or Russian as want name, the feeling of advantage, feeling of self-defence is not cultivated. Business - that that already within the limits of the USSR in many republics, especially on caucasus, there was a scornful relation to Russian as to people of the second grade in own country. It in general paradox. Even in territory of Russia the basic ethnos never was dominating. Stereotypes that Russian are not able to work, are simple-minded also a sin it not to use, were born in Soviet Union.

Meanwhile Russians - the most tolerant people. About it Dostoevsky wrote still. If it was not so, we never would create such empires, as Russia and Soviet Union. The problem of mass-media and judicial bodies - extremely vzveshenno to approach to any quarrel between migrants and aboriginals of our cities and not to transform any household fight into the interethnic conflict without need.

time Has come to pay attention to how the people realise itself in the own country. Humility, inability of to protect, not developed feeling of the national advantage - all right if it was a question of peasants of a XVII-th century, instead of about modern townspeople. We stir about Russian idea and everyone similar much, but we do not discuss the elementary: national consciousness and respect for as great nation. At us ability to stand for the neighbours is not developed. About what collectivism there can be a speech?

On the other hand, Moscow will really choke without migrants. It is a terrible problem. Was the USSR. Armenians lived at themselves in Armenia. Azerbaijanians - in Azerbaijan, and Moldavians - in Moldova. Also did there national work. Now common causes are created in territory of Moscow. We have thought up the sovereignty of RSFSR. Also what have received? Third of population of Armenia lives now in Russia. Meal across Russia. Moscow Region, Taldomsky area. Who grazes cows? Tadjiks. The Kaluga region. Who bought up and has built up the earth round Oka? Armenians. Moscow cannot exist without visitors, and we are guilty in it. Have created this terrible situation when millions people have settled in our cities. Look, who works on buildings? And ethnically Russian to technical training colleges do not go. Even in a taxi to work the local do not go. Besides, we demograficheski not in a condition to master the territories. Even in the Tver region on many kilometres one settlement. What to do? To build with them relations, without forgetting that at such congestion of migrants indigenous population always in frustratsii and a psychosis.

Oleg Genisaretsky, the philosopher:

- If the insult of religious feelings even is discussed in any image in a society - remember history with a museum of Saharova and an exhibition Carefully, religion! kontsept insults of national feelings at us not in a course it is perfect. It does not have any place while in our system pravoponimanija. How to answer the ungirdled villain? On - good to take for shkirku and properly to stir up. But it is only emotional reaction.

Speaking about tolerance, we too with aspiration say this word. In what there can be a correct answer to incorrect behaviour? When it in private sphere - we cease to communicate with someone, we put to it by sight. In a public situation deeper analysis of an event is required. It became indecent, whether that, to speak Russian Russian . It as though at all a nationality (as Soviet), and a neutral background on which Armenians, Georgians, Kirghiz, Tadjiks and other nationalities with their mental, cultural and any other features are allocated. Russian question in every possible way marginaliziruetsja. It is indecent. About it can more - to speak less distinctly in frameworks, say, the World Russian cathedral. But all it is far from sew daily occurrence. Especially from life in a big city with its markets and autostations.

Let`s analyse speech of this person about which you tell. Its rhetoric. From whose person he spoke? It is exact not only from the. It is the point of view of all its community, concrete group of young men which at first beat the vagabond, and then offended the elderly woman. These words among themselves where - that blab out, as - that are perfected. And they comprise an insult of national feelings of other people. And it not simply affective curse. Sprouts such consciousness which is aggressive not only in sense of concrete behaviour (plevanie on the earth) that in all traditional cultures tabuirovannoe action, but also as a certain ideology. Aggression degree here is secondary. After all there are groups of people which profess the same and pronounce without aggression. Simply go and carry this idea of the exaggerated importance.

With resettlement in other country, from village in a city or in other ethnic environment are weakened and traditional taboos which are observed " disappear; there at itself and with which there at itself are proud. Such, as respect for the woman, for mother, for seniors, for a family. It occurs because in other environments the form of social control which supported these taboos is weakened. For example, in village where everyone knows you from feet to a head, moreover and to the seventh knee, you will not dare to do something that will easily make in a city. From a taboo are released, moving in opened not closed - a clan, settlement, the nation - spaces.

So there are outcasts who any more are not representatives of the traditional culture. They at all those for whom we here wait and we want to see. After all if we think of Chineses we remember Konfutsija and if about Georgians - about tsarina Tamara. It is goodwill and good neighbourhood illusion. And there is you the concrete person who is very modernised - visitors quickly accustom to modern time and consciousness. Also it is outcasts: they any more in the traditional culture, but also not in ours.

How to start to speak about this new type of consciousness? Substantiations cultural marginalnosti can be tracked now on some national sites: there is not present either traditional national, or the traditional religious. For example, some acts of visitors of Moslems have no relation to traditions of Moslem. Marginalnost together with aggression give a rather strong cocktail.