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New salaries and additional payments to civil police officers

Since December of this year are defined the payment system to all employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who serve without an epaulet will change. And all civil experts in militian services will receive not less, than earlier, and even it is more. The corresponding order on the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia publishes today.

In the new militian document are painted not only official salaries to thousand workers which do not wear the uniform, but also extra charges for complexity, high professionalism and even harm. Also will pay extra still to civil employees of divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for work on the Far North. The experts participating in especially important and especially responsible works at which performance to the civil personnel of military units, establishments and divisions of system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia salaries on vys - shemu to qualifying level are established are not forgotten. In the appendix to the document all list of works which are considered " is listed; important and special . For example, this list includes work on assemblage and test of explosives and ammunition, dismantling, dismantle and the subsequent assemblage of samples of foreign and especially difficult domestic ammunition and explosives.

it is interesting that the sizes and conditions of these payments are established by collective agreements, agreements, local statutory acts according to the labour legislation and other standard legal certificates containing norms of the labour law. In spite of the fact that these conditions concern employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Indemnifications are obligatory for the people occupied on heavy and dangerous works, and also in districts with special environmental conditions. Also will pay extra even for overtime and night work. For example, to workers of establishments of public health services, including drivers of sanitary motor transport, to the medical personnel of sobering-up stations will pay in addition 50 percent of the hour rate for each business hour at night. And to the exit personnel of call centres and reanimatsionnyh brigades - from calculation of 100 percent of the hour rate for each business hour at night.

Will receive additional put - gi and those who works with the data making the state secret, them zasekrechivaniem and rassekrechivaniem, and also with code numbers.

the Order of an estimation of working conditions at carrying out of certification of workplaces with heavy and harmful, especially heavy and especially harmful conditions affirms the order of the head of division of system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Payments of indemnifications to heads are established by the higher chief having the right of appointment to the post.

Harmful Conditions for the civil personnel of temporary detention facilities suspected and accused, the centres of the time maintenance for minor offenders, spetspriemnikov, medical sobering-up stations, the centres of the maintenance of the detained foreign citizens are also. The extra charge at a rate of 10 percent of a salary is paid to employees of these institutions.

to the Experts owning foreign languages and daily applying them in practical work, by the decision of the head the extra charge for knowledge of one language at a rate of 10 percent, for knowledge of two and more languages - 15 percent of a salary can be established.

Will receive extra charges from 25 to 50 percent of a salary employees of hospitals and the medical units, having ranks the Deserved doctor and the National doctor .