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Minzdravsotsrazvitija plans to create electronic databases of patients

Minzdravsotsrazvitija together with minkomsvjazju plans to create electronic databases in which the primary information on patients, that is their electronic card of the patient will be collected.

It will help to avoid various additions, the patient of a shish kebab how many has eaten, and how many has thrown out in a precipice the director of department of information minzdravsotsrazvitija Oleg Simakov has figuratively explained an essence of idea. Also has added that similar systems on initial gathering of the information from places are necessary and within the limits of performance of national projects. Powerful computers will analyze, do it schedules and reports. That is more reliable, than paper total documents to which additions are peculiar.

Yesterday in the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen at session of the commission on telecommunications and information technology discussed development problems it is information - communication technologies in Russia. This year, as it is known, are accepted strategy of development of an information society in Russia and the concept of formation of the electronic government. However, according to participants of discussion, the attention is given to more development of institutes and formation is material - technical base of branch, and analytical work practically on zero . Whereas carrying out of global researches is necessary, that not only the state, but also the companies knew, it is necessary to develop in what party in the domestic and international market, the head " assured; Information examinations Vladimir Rubanov. It is necessary to understand, why other countries were put forward on in the lead positions in sphere IKT and could modernise the economy, leaning against knowledge. Rubanov has reminded that Finland has constructed the economy including on class development infokommunikatsionnyh technologies, and the known company which is letting out mobile phones became a symbol of its success all.

Rubanov has reminded and of a new way of distribution of computing capacities - grid - kompjutinge. Today serious scientific researches, weather forecasts, preventions of acts of nature, modelling of experiments in the nuclear physics, space projects are impossible without the super-power computers based on cyberinfrastructures. America, the European Union and China have already undertaken scale efforts on application of such technologies. And India declared the intentions to be engaged in them. As to Russia while powerful computers in the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Moscow State Universities are used all some hours a day. But in some years one of leading manufacturers of computers will let out grid - computers which will be accessible as the usual laptop. And for Russia it is very important to spend now already basic researches of those possibilities which they open, and those problems which can arise. For example, participants of discussion have noted a problem of shots. Alas, advanced experts leave in the foreign companies.

Rubanov has suggested to create the National centre of researches and workings out in sphere IKT on a basis is private - the state partnership. This idea has caused heated arguments. Doubts in efficiency of such structure have been stated. As a result have decided all to think over carefully, and then already to leave with the final decision. But that it is necessary to spend researches to branches, - nobody objected. Not to shelve business, trustee RSPP Gennady Sklyar has suggested to begin this work by common efforts. It is not excluded that the subscription for fund raising on carrying out of so important research for the Russian economy which will help it competitive in the world market will be opened to become information - communication technologies.