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Authorities of the capital plan to toughen measures on cultural heritage protection

Authorities of the capital plan to toughen measures on cultural heritage protection. About it there was a speech at yesterday`s session of a city government.

the Official status of a monument in a city have 6288 buildings and monuments. It is necessary not only to keep them in order, but also to protect from careless owners and tenants who quite often wish to make re-planning or an extension in a historical building. Rules which have offered in Moskomnasledii and have supported in Moscow City Council, forbid owners to alter monuments. In particular, as deputy Michael Moskvin - Tarhanov has informed, is planned to enter the penalty for the unsatisfactory maintenance of objects of a cultural heritage for tenants at a rate of 2 thousand minimum payments. (We will remind, since September, 1st of this year of the minimum wage rate in Moscow makes 7,5 thousand roubles, and in 2009 it is planned to lift it it to 8,5 thousand). Besides, the next years rent rates on premises in the buildings concerning historical monuments, can grow in tens times. In particular, their market estimation will be spent. It should come to the end by January, 1st, 2011. First of all will estimate premises on which rent terms expire the next three years. To prolong contracts begin already at the new prices. For the same who has long-term contracts with a city, the rise in price will begin since January, 1st, 2011.

Except a whip for tenants spice-cake is provided also. Businessmen who will enclose means in restoration, will receive a bonus. the expenses of the tenant brought on restoration and preservation of a monument stories and cultures, are subject to a deduction from the established rent - Yury Rosljak, the first deputy the mayor has explained.

Work with monuments will begin with full inventory of objects of the cultural heritage which is in city property. Thus management of historical buildings decided to centralise as much as possible - to the middle of the next year objects of a cultural heritage will be transferred from balance of department of property to balance of Moskomnasledija. It was planned that department begins not only be responsible for their safety, but also to use powers of the proprietor. However, last point has suited not to taste to the mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov. if we transfer to committee commercial functions it to transform into monuments the increasing quantity of buildings, irrespective of their historical value .

the mayor and the federal authorities, which, as a dog in the manger Has criticised: are not engaged in monuments, and and to transfer to their Moscow do not hurry up. The mayor has reminded that now in a city about 120 objects of the state value on which there are disagreements between federal and authorities of the capital. Instead of property problems where it is more important to develop to the culture ministry the documents defining responsibility of users for monuments of the state value - Luzhkov has declared and has cited as an example France where cost of rent of objects of a cultural heritage is extremely small, but on them it is few interested persons, because together with a low payment the tenant of a monument receives huge responsibility, including the criminal.

At us to protect a monument from vandalism it is possible only through court. To take at least a notorious affair with a self-system on the Tagansky area. the proprietress of a monument has decided to modernise a facade and to make a five-floor extension with which help she intended to earn money, - has remembered a recent case the mayor. - what rights are at the state to stop vandalism in relation to a monument? Any. And legal proceedings go on half a year, and the lady continues to scoff at this time at a monument literally. The city has won court, and only after that it is possible to be engaged in a pulling down built on pjatietazhki. But further, when the court has taken place, tell: who will execute these decisions? At judicial executors is not present copecks to take down an illegal extension. I have been compelled to make the decision and have charged to builders to make it for city money .