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The authorities of the Irkutsk region accuse the predecessors of numerous abusings

In the government of the Irkutsk region assert that from - for infringements and direct abusings of officials of the former administration under the threat there was a regional budget and realisation of many social programs.

As the assistant to the governor on interaction with power structures Yury Gurtovoj has declared, charges to Alexander Tishanina`s command are connected, first of all, with numerous abusings at the organisation of tenders for realisation of state orders. As a result enormous means from the area budget have left on the left .

the former command will answer and for errors at budget formation.

- the Administration vigorously reported that the region budget grows, - Yury Gurtovoj has underlined. - Actually, growth occurred at the expense of extra means. Besides loans took under the big percent. And today it has poured out for us in serious problems. Means for realisation in full socially - significant regional programs do not suffice many. And the operating administration is simply compelled to reconsider them.

Besides, head of the power block has reminded that investigation of criminal cases concerning the high-ranking officials of the former administration proceeds.

- On - former under a consequence eks - the assistant to the governor Sergey Voronov, - has confirmed with Gurtovoj. - And, according to employees of a consequence, business has quite good judicial prospect .

it is More than that, as he said, in responsibility can be involved and Alexander Tishanin.

- that the former head of area will be interrogated on many episodes as the witness, it is unequivocal - after all it was at the head of region, and hardly could be not in a course feats the subordinates, - the assistant to the governor has underlined. - I do not exclude that law enforcement bodies will have bases and for attraction of Tishanina to a criminal liability as the accused. However conclusions in this respect to do early - at first the word investigation agencies bodies and court should tell.

Yury Gurtovoj has told that one of the main problems the present administration of Angarski Krai sees in the organisation of effective fight against corruption. With that end in view at management on law-enforcement work of area the special department to which the problem on examination of all accepted on level of region and municipalities of acts on " is assigned is created; a subject korruptsionnosti . Besides, the regional anticorruption commission is reanimated.

to the Careful analysis will subject and track records legislators of all levels.

- Under our data, only in one of municipal unions 16 (!) From 25 deputies are connected with underworld. And it is far not a unique example. It is easy to assume, what legal certificates advance such thoughts, - argues vitse - the governor. - Besides, we precisely know that people with the dirty biography are and among present candidates for regional Legislative Assembly. Name their surnames we cannot yet. But in due course, by means of militia and the public we will necessarily expose them.

it is competent

Alexey Antonov, the chief of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across the Irkutsk region, the general - the lieutenant of militia:

- For those half a year as in the Irkutsk region the new administration operates, was possible to find mutual understanding in many questions. Joint programs on fight against corruption, by a drug trafficking, the weapon and spirtosoderzhashchej liquids are successfully realised. Financing of the regional program the Law and order from 10 million roubles in 2007 during the current year has increased to 27 million (in 2009 sum again should grow).

Besides, it is in this time extinguished 50 - million debts under salaries and social payments. On repairs of premises from regional treasury we have received 20 million roubles, have bought 48 units of motor transport, have updated communication facilities and a special equipment. More than five millions roubles are allocated for strengthening of fighting capacity of our group drawing duty in the city of Argun (the Chechen republic). For the first time for last seven years our employees will start to receive habitation! In our hospital there was a new medical equipment, and in ekspertno - kriminalisticheskom the centre - expensive technical novelties.
All it was not slow to affect results of work of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs.