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Krasnoyarsk pererabotchiki milk again have brought down procurement prices

In edge - the next stage dairy crisis : the processing companies do not accept raw materials at local manufacturers.

we Will remind, the first scandal has burst in the past spring when before molokovozami from Nazarovsky area pererabotchiki gate, as a matter of fact, have slammed - have refused to accept production at contractual price, having declared about new, almost twice smaller tariffs.

the market Most part in edge is supervised by four large companies, whose owners are mainly concentrated in Moscow. It has even more annoyed peasants.

- Considering that vegetative fibers stand about 20 roubles for kg, and a fish powder - 50, at such falling of procurement prices of milk it is more favourable to us to merge to its pigs, - the head of one of the largest economy Valery Isaev did not hide then disappointment.

a Number of experts have connected that conflict to seasonal fluctuations. Counted that in the summer traditional increase having bothered will lead to surplus of raw materials and in the autumn procurement prices will return on former, profitable level for village. However at the next session of the regional government devoted to development of an agrocomplex of edge till 2011, the director of the agricultural enterprise Boris Melnichenko has made a loud statement:

- No updating of the prices has occurred. And since October, 1st all factories in general refuse our production. A number of cattle again under the threat of reduction.
it has been compelled to recognise and Minister of Agriculture Leonid Shorohov.

- In the end of August of last year procurement prices have really raised, now - are not present, - the head of regional agrarian branch has confirmed. - some dairy enterprises speak about the overabundance of raw materials connected with import. The problem is characteristic for all Siberian federal district.

According to many, forthcoming introduction of new technical regulations which will come into force on December, 12th became one of the main reasons of the arisen situation. With approach of this date with powder addition it will be forbidden to name any product milk. On packages it is necessary to write a dairy drink . Now at the enterprises decent stocks of dry mixes - mainly from Belarus and Ukraine have accumulated. These raw materials essentially are cheaper some natural milk. Business also has given it preference, aspiring to reduce costs and to get the big profit.

- Aspiring to spend all available volumes, pererabotchiki not only do not hasten to lift procurement prices, but also in general have refused to accept milk at local manufacturers, - ascertain in agency of agriculture of the regional government.

Businessmen try to justify.

- Some buyers have solved, as if before them deceived, did not inform that sell not integral, but powder milk, - the head of the dairy company Sergey Tchuprov notices. Is has generated mistrust to us, here demand and has fallen.

the Top - the manager of other dairy firm expostulates on low level of processing of raw materials in general.

- the Domestic production on milk processing very much nizkotehnologichno, therefore considerable advantage in the market is received by the Ukrainian and Belarus production, - he considers. - our enterprises, for example, practically are not engaged in whey. And after all it could increase requirement for milk and would promote strategic stability in astable conditions.

How to affect pricing in dairy branch? Officials in meditations. We will remind, earlier the governor has charged to the government to study mechanisms of participation of edge in this sector. In particular, to become the holder of a share holding in one of the processing enterprises. Such possibilities, according to Leonid Shorohova, are now studied on Shushensky molochnokonservnom industrial complex.

- Here powerful manufacture on milk drying, it could become a regulator of the prices and the guarantor of that the raw materials will be bought, - the minister speaks. However is at the similar point of view and opponents.

- Banal occurrence in number of proprietors a little that will bring, - economist Denis Zykov shares with the arguments. - to regulate the prices, mass purchases are necessary, and means which, most likely, should be put in the regional budget for this purpose be required. Perhaps there is a sense to return to idea of alternative purchases of milk directly from the rural manufacturer? Would revive a street trading network, would release milk from butts.

In regional minselhoze for an overcoming the crisis suggest to enter in the quota country on import of import dried milk. Besides, ministerial experts consider necessary to enter into agreements with regional trading networks about increase in a segment of production of local manufacturers. And, of course, to build the manufactures of innovative type on processing of dairy production.