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In the Omsk region will forgive deserters for an appearance with guilty

Board of investigatory committee SFO has passed the unprecedented decision. Deserters who have voluntary declared the site can avoid criminal punishment and imprisonment.

In Priirtyshe have started search of the military men who have autocratically left a part. Spot-checks are dated for an autumn appeal and will be continued till the end of November.

Today, according to preliminary data, in the Omsk region disappear from service more than ten deserters.

- Together with police officers we survey places where they can be, - a deputy head of military investigatory department on Omsk garrison Michael Voloshinenko has informed. - Besides it, we give talks with their relatives and friends.

to make active process of returning of fugitives, the board of investigatory committee of the Siberian federal district has made decision not to raise criminal cases against those who is to voenkomam with guilty.

Each case of runaway will be considered by the special commission. Criminal prosecution will stop in case of the good reasons which have forced the soldier to leave a part, for example, of not authorised relations. Pled guilty without fail will send on physical examination. At revealing of the diseases interfering service, the volunteer will forgive and will dismiss ahead of schedule.

By the way, this year in Priirtyshe it has already been detained over thirty omichej, run away of army. According to Michael Voloshinenko, regular soldiers among deserters - schitannye units. Basically in races soldiers - contract employees move. Someone from them was bored by army life, and they collect suitcases and leave a part, without having written the official report. But more often contract employees go home without the prevention after the first salary. Then explain - wanted to visit a family, but have gone on a spree .

P. S.
to Inform on runaway from a part, and also about the facts of not authorised mutual relations it is possible in military investigatory department of Omsk garrison to the address:   street Frunze, 1. Phone 23 - 51 - 13.