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Vartan Trepel: the Most part of infringements in medical institutions is connected with the irresponsible relation to the patient

In spite of the fact that within the limits of the national project the majority of medical institutions of area have received the fine equipment and technics, quality of rendering of medical aid on - former leaves much to be desired. Also it is connected frequently not with low qualification of medical workers, and with an elementary negligence in relation to the duties. About it there was a speech during a business breakfast to editions with chief of the department Roszdravnadzora across the Rostov region Vartanom Trepelem.

: you face what typical cases of rendering of poor-quality medical aid?

Vartan Trepel : Quite often it not a qualification lack, and banal roughness of medical workers if not to tell more sharply. To displease the patient, it is unessential to be the illiterate doctor or the nurse, simply enough inattentively to concern its complaints at diagnosis statement. And it in many respects depends not only from professional, but also on human qualities.

RG : What results of checks of Roszdravnadzora of regional establishments?

Trepel : last year we spend 950 checks of medical, social and pharmaceutical establishments of area. By their results of 170 reports on administrative infringements have been directed to court and originators are involved in administrative responsibility. This year for nine months it is made already an order of 200 reports. That is infringements it is revealed more.

RG : intervention of Roszdravnadzora is how much effective?

Trepel : Punishment provides the penalty at the rate from five roubles to 50 thousand for legal bodies. At rough infringements we have the right to suspend establishment activity, and even, as an extreme measure, to cancel the licence. Besides it, we make instructions about elimination of the revealed infringements and we direct information letters to the authorities which are carrying out a direct management by medical institutions - Ministry of Health of area, administration of areas, municipalities.

By the way, from this year a part of powers, such as control over observance of the quality standards of medical aid, licence requirements and conditions of the organisation of municipal and private systems of public health services, are transferred regional Ministry of Health. And our service supervises already its work in this sphere.

RG : In your opinion, in what party - improvements or deterioration - last years the situation in public health services sphere has changed?

Trepel : I think, any person visiting medical institutions, sees that the situation has obviously improved. I judge it on a private experience. Before has headed in 2006 regional government of Roszdravnadzora, I worked as the doctor, then nachmedom and the head of regional hospital. Therefore perfectly I remember times when patients in hospitals did not feed, there were no medicines and bandage, and patients were met by ragged walls. Now in the majority of medical institutions capital repairs are made, electronic systems of the account of case records are entered, there was a lot of a modern equipment.

If doctors do not pass professional retraining, the head of medical institution is made answerable

But though positive changes in public health services occur, it would be desirable, that this process went faster, after all in comparison with other countries at us still much is not present. Not always there corresponds to shown requirements private system of public health services developing in regions. And again - taki, money is enclosed, modernisation has occurred, but the main thing - shots - remains out of an attention zone. By the way, it is the most frequent heads of medical institutions are involved in administrative responsibility for default of the duty in a direction of doctors on improvement or professional retraining for reception of the certificate of the expert. The infringements connected with absence of quality assurance of rendered medical aid quite often come to light.

RG : Concerning paid services - whether the situation when the person comes in a medical direction on inspection is lawful and learns, what it can make free of charge only through any time, and here platno - please, though now?

Trepel : Certainly, it is illegal. Rendering by the doctor at the same time and in the same office of paid and free services, priority granting paid to the patient breaks article 41 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation in which it is told about the right of everyone to free reception of medical aid in state and public health services municipal authorities.

In such cases I advise to inhabitants of area to address to us with complaints. If you have come in a direction of the doctor, to you are obliged to make inspection free of charge, instead of to suggest to approach in a month or to make today, but for money. It is not necessary to go on compromises.

On experience of our service I can tell, as in private, and in the municipal medical institutions rendering paid services, - weight of infringements, and within the powers we with it struggled and struggle.

RG : whether Often employees of your service reveal counterfeit medicines, and whether the usual buyer can distinguish a fake?

Trepel : Without laboratory research to reveal it, unfortunately, it is impossible. Moreover, sometimes at examination fakes of very high quality come to light.

Any party of the medicines delivered on territory of area, should pass quality assurance in special laboratory. In case of revealing of any discrepancies of a medicine to standard requirements it is withdrawn from sale. The information on withdrawal from the preparation reference goes to federal management of Roszdravnadzora and further on all regions.

RG : Unless probably to check up on counterfeits all Don drugstores?

Trepel : Actually it is real, but checks of the enterprises of wholesale trade by medicines as suppliers of medicines are they are more important, through them medicines arrive in a trading network of area. Therefore, checking chemist`s warehouses, our employees look medicines, conditions of their storage, commodity - accompanying documents and the documents certifying quality of medical products. In the last two days our service on Don has not been find out the forged medical preparations.

However at carrying out of checks as pharmaceutical institutions, and the enterprises of wholesale trade infringements of storage conditions of medicines are in most cases revealed that in turn affects quality of medicines. So, from the beginning of year about it we had been made 25 reports on administrative infringement on legal and physical persons. The medicines stored with infringement, have been made on the test in laboratory, and only after that them have admitted to realisation.