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To the Stavropol public have shown the budget of the next year

the first public discussion of the bill " Has taken place; About budget SK for 2009 . For the first time for a basis of the main financial document of region the optimistic variant of development is taken.

It means that deficiency will make hardly more than four billions roubles against present five and a half. The social orientation of the budget will allow to lift the salary of state employees, to improve medical maintenance of the population, to finish a number of long-term constructions.

the Project of the new financial document is already confirmed in the government of Stavropol Territory, and the day before the estimation to the project was given by deputies of the State Duma of edge. The total amount of incomes will make 53,2 billion roubles, expenses - 57,5. The forecast is put In a planning basis socially - economic development of region for the period with 2009 for 2011. The project within three years provides reduction of a share of the population of edge with incomes below a living wage to 10 - 12 percent.

- Before us it is necessary to double a problem by 2010 the consolidated budget in comparison with 2007 - m, - the chairman of committee GDSK on the budget, taxes and financially - the credit policy Igor Eprintsev has noted in conversation with the correspondent. - Growth is, we come nearer to that have planned, but not so quickly as it would be desirable. Unfortunately, we will not repair all schools, we will not finance for hundred percent militia of public safety and so on. However social obligations will be carried out completely.