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To Moslems JUFO will remind of a Mohammedan prayer on mobile

After the plastic bank cards corresponding to norms of Islam, in JUFO has appeared special sms - service for Moslems - a reminder on a Mohammedan prayer. It this week has started the Megaphone - the North Caucasus .

On Islam canons, the Moslem is obliged five times a day to pray in strictly certain time intervals which change depending on change of the beginning and the end of light day and are specified in special calendars. That devout it was easier to be guided when to make a Mohammedan prayer, to them with the help sms will dispatch now the schedule on every day.
to connect service Azan it is possible by means of sending on special number sms - commands with the name of house region of the subscriber. It subscribers of the mobile operator in Ingushetia, Karachaevo-Circassia, Kabardino - Balkarii, Dagestan and the Chechen Republic can use. The information on time of Mohammedan prayers will arrive on phone of the subscriber in the form of SMS - messages approximately at 4:15 - 4:30 mornings. Service is given free of charge.

- Our company works in territory of all North Caucasian region, therefore we try to consider interests of our subscribers, and their religious beliefs, - the chief of department PR of company Tahir Holikberdiev makes comments. - Before to start service Azan we consulted on spiritual managements of Moslems of republics JUFO, studied with them all details, up to mailing time sms. Till this week service operated in a test mode, but we have already received positive responses, both from subscribers, and from representatives of Muslim clergy.