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To Stavropol Territory police officers and legal experts have spent joint enrolment of citizens

the First joint enrolment of citizens have spent the chief of the department of Federal Agency of court enforcement officers (UFSSP) on region and the representative of the device of the representative under human rights in edge. At a meeting there was a correspondent.

Before service of court enforcement officers it is necessary to finish a problem by 2010 quantity of the executed judgements to 80 percent. Many mechanisms, including a method of direct contact to the population are for this purpose used.

Joint enrolment of citizens has passed in frameworks of the contract which the Russian Federations on SK and the device of the representative under human rights in edge, and also programs on fight against corruption and its displays among court enforcement officers have concluded management UFSSP. This plan is realised in territorial administration the second year.

this year by department of maintenance of work with shots and to safety issues UFSSP on SK it is spent more than 150 office checks in which result almost 200 employees are involved in a disciplinary responsibility, one is dismissed. Extensive preventive work is conducted and at a stage of reception of new employees: from 275 candidates on replacement of posts of the state civil service to 63 applicants it has been refused employment in UFSSP.

One more step - the first joint enrolment of citizens in the presence of the press - police officers to make were not afraid, though perfectly understood what to pat on the back come will not be. For Dmitry Tkachenko who has held a post of the main police officer of Stavropol Territory not so long ago, the rendezvous with zhalobshchikami became original acquaintance to region and its problems. It is necessary to notice that have invited to a meeting first of all people whom, having bypassed set of instances, execution of judgements throughout a number of years cannot achieve. The joint action of the device of the representative under human rights and services of court enforcement officers began last hope to solve for them the problems. Naturally, these circumstances have affected the general intonation of session.

During debut reception have considered 19 affairs. Complaints concerned the most different aspects - from default alimentnyh obligations to long-term debts under the salary at factory Red metallist . But united applicants one - disappointed with work the police officers, visitors tried to pay attention new rukovditelja UFSSP of Russia on SK Dmitry Tkachenko to lacks of work of its subordinates. As it was found out, some servants gosudarevy did not hurry up to fulfil the duty.

- We went every week on reception to the police officer on a surname the Trouble, but he constantly deceived us, asserting that carries out all necessary operative actions, - Galina Markovsky has informed, any more one year trying to achieve a pulling down of illegally erected structure. - then our business have transferred to other, third police officer, but has changed nothing. From - for illegal buildings we incur losses.

- I for a year have collected a bale of papers, - Peter Grigorenko confirmed. - For that time that I am at law with businessman Martirosjanom concerning debt collecting, four police officers were engaged in business. All of them spoke about a justice celebration, however things are right where they started. The respondent and has not paid a debt, it also to arrest property gathers nobody. For what the court makes decisions if they are not carried out?

- I work for the court enforcement officer, I push her, I ask, I swear, - Maria Polshina complained. - She speaks to me: The sum of the penalty which should the neighbour, flooded you sewer waters, is too small to work actively. It turns out that the representative of the law acts on the party of the guilty. So I have begun the investigation to conduct, because the belief to police officers already is not present.

For the sake of justice we will notice that the great bulk of court enforcement officers draws duty regularly. The official statistics speaks about it. For nine months of current year in management personnel FSSP of Russia on SK 1562 written references, from them 1163 - from citizens and 398 - from representatives of legal bodies have arrived. Thus that on execution in structural divisions of management at this time was more than 575 thousand executive manufactures. So on a share of criticism to police officers it is necessary less than half-percent of references.


Dmitry Tkachenko, the main court enforcement officer of Stavropol Territory:

- Despite the general favorable statistics, we are not going to ignore any of references. Unfortunately, cases when judgements are not executed for a long time, and people on the complaints receive typical formal replies, still it is enough. Therefore we also have suggested to spend open enrolment of citizens. I think, such form excluding a formalistic approach to problems of people, will give a positive effect. For work with references concrete terms - a maximum are defined month. I as the main court enforcement officer of edge accept citizens weekly on Tuesdays. We will monthly leave on sessions in cities and edge areas, and joint meetings with representatives of the device of the representative under human rights is planned to spend time to half a year.

Gennady Strashko, the chief of department of legal maintenance of the Representative under human rights in Stavropol Territory:

- Reception has shown only a little bit of problems in system of executive manufacture. That through the analysis of concrete references it is possible to leave and on shared problems is important also. I hope, the sense from this undertaking will be - in the end of a month there should be first results. It is necessary to meet people, after all many in courts for years detain, and then also do not execute lawful decisions. Naturally, citizens cease to trust the power, and it is blow on authority of the state.

By the way
the main court enforcement officer of edge will spend the Nearest exit enrolment of citizens in Pyatigorsk on October, 29th. Phone for inquiries: (8652 95 - 73 - 61.