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In Krasnodar territory the future doctors are compelled to train almost on fingers

Today in Krasnodar the first festival of the Kuban medical science and practice opens. One of its main tasks - increase of literacy of physicians and their patients.

To Krasnodar have arrived 30 leading scientific Russian academies of medical sciences and foreign scientifically - research institutes, experts from many regions of the country. They will spend the master - classes on new ways of treatment and diagnostics. At the best doctors in two leading Krasnodar clinics - regional a name Ochapovsky and the second city hospital - on Wednesday any inhabitant of edge can receive free consultations. And in the congress the Person and a medicine participate over thousand scientists, pharmacists, pharmacists. Within three days in a city seven schools of thought will work, the exhibition of achievements of the Kuban medical science will open.

And the day before on a round table (to it have invited also journalists of federal and local mass-media) representatives of regional department of public health services and the Krasnodar high schools tried to find out, why the Kuban science frequently is not joined to practice.

Illiteracy of doctors, a deputy head of department Sergey Strihanov admitted, remains a scourge of the Kuban public health services. Though already it is much made and in equipment of medical institutions by modern equipment, and in development of new medical technologies - every fourth budgetary rouble in edge is spent for medicine. Kuban, for example, unique region in the country where children, to make a heart operation, it is not necessary to stand in a queue. It was possible to achieve and decline in population decrease. An important role participation in federal projects on creation of the centres of highly technological medical aid here has played. Next year building regional perinatalnogo the centre for which it is allocated one and a half billion roubles will begin. On turn - erection on the basis of children`s regional clinical hospital of the centre where modern technologies on a bone marrow transplantation will take root. It is especially important, as today the oncology after heart diseases takes the second place in edge.

However without competent experts all these iridescent plans hardly can be carried out. And here with quality of medical education and actually a science business is far not safely.

On Kuban three operate only scientifically - the research institute, two specialised high schools are engaged in scientific workings out in sphere of medical technologies. According to the rector of the Kuban medical state university fulfilling duty Andrey Redko, for today financing of scientific researches at university makes all 900 thousand roubles a year. They hardly suffice for the salary of employees of laboratories. Till now there is a problem with platforms for passage of practice of students, few laboratory cases. Without practical employment it is possible to talk about what serious preparation of medical shots? By the way, eks - the rector who has arrived to the Kuban medical state university from Rostov-on-Don, with surprise has found out that students pass working off of some practical skills on old models. Besides, all establishments demand a payment for rent of premises - as a result of clinic obviously do not hasten to co-operate with high school on a constant basis.

One more problem - rupture between a medical science and practice: discoveries and nou - hau at times for years pyljatsja in tables of scientists. They, by the way, are and in not medical high schools. In the Kuban technological state university any more one year are engaged in an estimation of quality of food production and workings out of additives to a food.

- Deficiency of fiber in a food average kubantsa makes today more than 20 percent, vitamins - about 56 percent, and an iodine lack - approximately 70 percent, - the pro-rector on scientific and innovative activity of the Kuban state technological university Vladimir Simankov speaks. - At us is what to offer. Business behind introduction.

Scientists of the Kuban state university too are ready to give new workings out of medical equipment and technologies. For example, on stabilisation of a warm rhythm without implantation kardiostimuljatora. However to use in practice Kuban nou - hau in hospitals and polyclinics do not hurry up, explaining it is shortage of means. On private clinics of hope practically is not present.

- These medical institutions do not want to incur the expensive kinds of medical aid demanding serious material inputs, - Sergey Strihanov has told. - On Kuban they are limited to small kinds - basically stomatology, cosmetology, ophthalmology.

Scientists have converged that all hope of development of system of target grants and grants in edge. However, as it became known to the correspondent, the program concept on improvement of quality of the food, KubGTU developed by experts, today already is considered in regional administration.

According to Strihanova, the festival of a medical science and practice should kill at once several hares, after all our physicians have a possibility not only to learn, but also itself on it to show. The Kuban high schools intend to present at a festival exhibition where there will be also businessmen, about 40 exhibits various scientifically - technical workings out in medicine sphere.