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Kuban prepares for the All-Russia population census

In capital of Kuban has passed the first session of the regional commission on preparation and carrying out of the All-Russia population census of 2010.

As it is known, on first of October in the Central area of Khabarovsk, Petrograd area of St.-Petersburg and Balashikha situated near Moscow trial population census started. On Kuban, as well as in other regions, on its image and similarity all population will copy in two years. But already today, according to deputy head Krasnodarstata Lydia Bogoslavsky, the spadework on the organisation of this important action has begun.

- In an operative order we will solve all arising questions for more effective gathering of the statistical data, - the vice-president of the commission, the director of department for interaction with local governments of regional administration Alexey Chernenko speaks, - and also to co-ordinate actions of public authorities with municipal unions. The data which will be received during population census, are important including for working out of forecasts and programs socially - economic development as the countries as a whole, and each region.

According to the head of department of the organisation of carrying out of censuses and Rosstata Alexander Bazarova`s continuous inspections, one of the most curious innovations - use, along with the traditional form of poll, a self-notation method. Forms perepisnyh sheets are sent by mail, inhabitants fill them independently and by mail (and it is free) return.

For what it becomes? It appears to find out, whether can independently fill people perepisnuju the questionnaire and whether they will return the filled questionnaires by mail. The similar method, according to experts, in the near future is planned to use widely: the whole army of copyists now is required, and self-notation helps to cut down essentially expenses.

Will appear in sheets and new points. For example, for studying of potential of experts of the highest level and scientific shots steps of the higher vocational training are entered: the bachelor, the expert, the master, and also a question on scientific degree presence - the candidate of science, the doctor of sciences. Will include in the questionnaire and a question on secondary employment, the basic source of means of subsistence (in the presence of several), about recurrence of marriages and how many women plan to have children. The list of questions on living conditions of the population regarding studying of an accomplishment of premises and sanitary - hygienic conditions of residing is expanded.

it is planned to investigate and migratory streams More carefully. Interest for the modern statistics is represented by citizens (except schoolboys) which live in one settlement, and work or study in other. According to experts, the data about movement working and pupils during the day to a work or study place will allow to estimate volumes of migrants, the basic directions of transport streams and time of the greatest intensity of movement.

the obtained data all-important plans for development for updating of separate regions and settlements. Census - 2002 has shown that levels of social development of regions is separated in hundreds times, - the general director of Institute of regional problems Maxim Dianov speaks. - Therefore for the authorities it is important to reveal the weakest and strong places to understand real needs and possibilities of territories .

By the way

According to Rosstata, for preparation and carrying out of trial census it is allocated from the federal budget of 17 billion roubles. On everyone copied on the average it turns out on 57 thousand roubles. In 2010 on census of one person 125 roubles are put.