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In the Nizhniy Novgorod region without observance of copyrights you will not start singing and not zapljashesh

In   the near future “ clients “ the organisations which are engaged in protection of copyrights, will be not only musicians, but also sculptors and artists.

checks of observance of the legislation on copyrights become almost total - even city minibuses in sight can get.

suit with the large navigable enterprise which under the decision of the Nizhniy Novgorod regional court should pay more than 900 thousand roubles became One of last sensational cases of Volgo - Vjatsky branch of the Russian author`s society (Russian Open Society). In has estimated court execution of songs by walking steam-ships so much. Under the law on the copyright publicly to execute pieces of music without deduction of compensations to authors it is impossible.

In number of the respondents, to which Russian Open Societies made judicial claims, many large Nizhniy Novgorod companies have already got.

- In Nizhni Novgorod copyrights on - former break, but already it is much less, than 5 - 7 years ago, - head Volgo - Vjatsky branch of the Russian Open Society Maxim Korolev has declared to the correspondent. - in 2008 our employees have collected from the Nizhniy Novgorod enterprises and the organisations more than one million roubles. It without considering receipts from those who has decided to pay use of another`s intellectual property voluntary. This money goes to those authors, whose copyrights have been broken. Besides the navigable company, recently we have carried case with small Nizhniy Novgorod cafe. Owners should pay to successors of the author which music was executed illegally, not less than 20 thousand roubles.

copyright Protection, according to Maxim Koroleva, in our country yet has no such experience, as in the West. But nevertheless positive changes are. Several years ago in the list of infringers there were many Nizhniy Novgorod cinemas, night clubs, cafe, restaurants. Now the situation has changed: in Nizhni Novgorod agreements on payment of author`s gathering were signed by owners more than 60 percent of points of a public catering and approximately 20 percent of shops. Businessmen understand that it is more favourable to sign the agreement, than then through court to pay indemnifications to authors.

In the near future the Russian Open Society sphere of action considerably will extend.

- We have obtained the permit to protect copyrights not only musicians and vocalists, but also artists, sculptors, - Maxim Korolev has explained. - many guidebooks in which and pictures print monuments not only without the consent of their authors are now published, but also do not pay them money for use of their products in commercial objectives.

the First precedent in this direction already is. In the end of summer the court under which decision the company on release of soft drinks will pay more than 200 thousand roubles for illegal use on a label of the image of a monument to Salavat to Yulaev has taken place. Besides, checks and in the Nizhniy Novgorod buses are possible. In many fixed-route taxis music is constantly included, now it is necessary or to pay to authors and executors of smash hits, or to go in silence.

It is unique on what employees of the Russian Open Society, it that addresses on which can be found many Russian musicians, artists, sculptors are unknown to them complain. With foreign authors of such problems is not present. And here our domestic creators of the Russian Open Society prays to check up, whether there are no they in those lists to whom fees for use of their works of art are due.


Victor Purihov, the Nizhniy Novgorod sculptor:

- One of my latest works - a monument to the founder of Nizhni Novgorod - was very much fell in love to photographers. I at all against it. But if in these photos earn money, probably, it is fair that the part from them should get and to the author of a monument.

Vladimir Krestovsky, the musician:

- Repeatedly heard our songs and in public transport and especially in cafe and bars. It is said that it is possible to receive money for it, it is necessary to inform only in any agency under copyrights. Cπεδθ still nobody received my familiar musicians. Perhaps also we will try to address.