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In Mordovia shots for UFSIN will prepare from a school bench

At Javassky high school Zubovo - Half-Jansky area of Mordovia the unique cadet class is formed. Its pupils will prepare for service in correctional facilities UFSIN of the Russian Federation on RM, on Friday they will take the oath.

- Under our conditions creation of a cadet class is dictated by necessity - we should impart from a school bench to children love to the future trade, prepare new shots, change, - Sergey Mironenko has declared to the correspondent of the deputy chief on shots and educational work UFSIN the Russian Federation on RM. - By the way, similar classes already exist in some regions of Russia - for example, in Saratov. For Mordovia it while an innovation.

Reception in cadets will be carried out at will of pupils after the termination of the eighth class on the basis of the written statement of parents taking into account results of psychological and medical testing. Employees of Educational centre UFSIN will be engaged in teaching of new disciplines. The training program includes a number of special courses (such as formation history criminally - executive system of Russia, ethics and psychology, bases of the pre-medical help and a survival in emergency situations), and also drill and... Ballroom dances.

- I as the former military man, I consider that ballroom dances for our pupils - at all an excess. This formation of ethics of mutual relations between floors, at last, is culture - we bring up youth! - Sergey Mironenko has noted. - By the way, the lack of interested persons is not present: the class from 19 cadets, from them eight girls is already generated. Since September, 1st children had time to pass original a course of the young fighter - have put on the uniform, have received a rank, have learnt the Charter of the cadet . On October, 17th they will take the oath. As visitors at solemn ceremony representatives of a republican management, and also UFSIN the Russian Federation from Moscow and Ryazan are expected. Upon termination of training our graduates will receive privileges at receipt in the high schools preparing shots for establishments UFSIN, in particular the Ryazan academy of the right and management.