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The minister of regional development of the Russian Federation appoints Victor Basargin

by the Minister of regional development of the Russian Federation instead of Dmitry Kozaka who will be engaged   preparation for the Sochi Olympic Games, appoints the assistant to the plenipotentiary representation   the president in Uralsk   federal district Victor Basargin.

Many industrialists and officials - coevals   Victor   Basargina - are familiar with it     since, when that   worked as the secretary of committee of Komsomol Central rudoupravlenija industrial complex Uralasbest and then the first secretary   city town committee VLKSM of a city of Asbestos. Both at industrial complex, and in the city of Basargina   considered uneasy, he was able to lift on socially significant business not only members of the Komsomol, but non-party youth. So in a city among the first have started to build habitation for young, have created youth cafes, have organised   Discos, clubs on interests. By the way, thanks to Victor Basarginu - to the guitarist and the executor bardovskoj songs, to the winner   popular competition in Sverdlovsk area the Youth Komsomol mine - in UrFO was born   competition the Song knows no limit review of talents is created that at amateur singers and musicians   six regions of the Ural federal district there was a chance to become known.

the Sketch about the leader asbestovskih members of the Komsomol which then left in the regional youth newspaper, had unexpected consequences.

In vain you complain that cannot pick up a nominee of the secretary obkoma Komsomol,   here he the secretary, - has declared   on   bureau session obkoma parties the head of Sverdlovsk area of that time Boris Yeltsin who has read a sketch about Basargine.

Then there was a work on a post of the assistant   The chairman of Sverdlovsk committee on management of state property, chairman GU Fund of property of Sverdlovsk area . Victor Basargin well knows sphere of property relations, has the certificate   the arbitration managing director, Cand.Econ.Sci. He remembered, how, working   in Fund of property Sverdlovsk managed   a minimum   resources, that   to make a maximum possible and to keep the enterprises of Average Ural Mountains.  

-   the Standard base then was estimated in three documents, - told     Victor Basargin on celebrating 15 - letija Fund. - and the brightest memoirs are connected with the organisation of the first auctions by the state property, with carrying out of check auctions. Happened that we for   month was held by the auctions on sale of a share holding of 80 enterprises. But consulted, after all privatisation process pulled behind itself necessity to solve the questions connected with the share, financial market, creation of their infrastructure.

Since 2000 Basargin   works as the chief   managements of the device of the plenipotentiary of the President in Uralsk federal district, since 2001 - the assistant to the plenipotentiary, recently   supervised   questions economic   developments of the Big Ural Mountains and Western Siberia, was responsible for realisation of the strategic investment project Ural Mountains industrial - Ural Mountains Polar connected with development   the richest natural riches of East slope Ural. Providing preparation for project realisation, Basargin gave a lot of time, including, to questions of the organisation of building in northern areas. Not casually Dmitry Medvedev during a meeting with new head Minregiona has asked it to concentrate especially on housing   Building.

Basargina have wife and two   children: the son - the graduate   the Ural timber college, the daughter finishes training in Ural   the state legal academy.